Soldier's For Roman Army to help find General's killer!

We need re-enforcements! Come join our strong Roman Army!

Role description (what will employees be expected to do everyday?)

We are looking for a tough man to be a Roman soldier.

You would be expected to march up to 20 miles per day in line, wearing full armour and carrying food and tents.You will be trained to fight well and to defend yourself. If the enemy shoot arrows at you, then you will need to use your shields to surround your body and protect yourself. This is know as 'the turtle'.You will fight with short swords, daggers for stabbing and a long spear for throwing. You will carry a shield for protection as well as wearing armour.

Working hours everyday

You will be expected to serve the Emperor at his call. You will have to stay in the army for at least 25 years! Then you can retire, with a pension or a gift of land to farm.


  • As a Roman soldier you will wear sandals, with iron studs on the leather soles. Depending on your class, your rank and uniform will vary. If you are very wealthy, you will fall into the first class. You will be most heavily armed, have a helmet, round shield, greaves and breastplate, made of bronze and carry a spear and sword.If you are of the lesser classes, you will carry lesser armament and weaponry, the fifth class carrying no armour at all, solely armed with slings.

* Does your employee need any education/qualifications?

Only male Roman citizens can be in the Roman Army. You must be at least 20 years old and not married.


If you choose this life of a Roman soldier, it will be adventurous and dangerous. Soldiers will receive good pay and a share of booty from conquered cities.

Come meet at the stand at 9.30 am

Thursday, March 19th 105 at 9:30am

48 Piazza delle Coppelle

Roma, Lazio