Jo Lois Michael

My Great-Grandmother

Jo Lois Michael, her place in history and Grandchildren

My great grandmother was born May 18, 1930 to Robert and Lessie Gilliam Johnson. She had 2 brothers and 5 sisters, Their names are R.O Johnson, Neil Johnson, Ophelia Climer, Noah Moss, Freda Ross, Graple Holmes, and Leland Turner. She had 11 grandchildren (Weston and Warner Michael, Taylor Buse, Jaime Kinkennon, and Jonathan Morgan.) In her time of existence many things happen, but in the year of 1930 the first commercial aired in Boston.

Where she worked and great- granchildren!

She worked at Tan's Alterations as a business owner and a seamstress. She had 4 kids, Their names are Marty Michael (married to Stephanie), Debra Henry (married to Jerry), Darlene Buse (married to Lawrence), Diane Morgan (married to Mike). She had 12 great- children.