by Josephina Nyikang

skellig the owl man

Skellig the owl man is a book also, my class is still reading it and I’m really excited to finish the book. This video is of Skellig the owl man. Sit back and enjoy as we have a treat for you

Skellig: The Owl Man - OFFICIAL TRAILER

Who is Raspuntin?

Rasputin’s early years began when he was born in 1869 in Siberia. Rasputin was gifted the power on healing.

In his middle years got married

In his last years, Rasputin’s reputation became so bad that the royal family decided to kill him. However, killing him wasn’t as easy as they thought. They desperately tried several times by several ways, until the third time he died by getting thrown into the river so he could freeze.

Rasputin wrote a letter telling that if he got killed by the royal family, the royal family would die within two years. It was only 14 months later, when Zare and all the royal family including their children were had killed.

Who is icarus and how did he fly and die?

Icarus is a boy of which flew too high to the sun and fell in to the sea, where he drowned.
Icarus had just escaped from jail, his father was a crafts men and you are probably wondering how he flew? Well his father the whole time of being there-had been making wings out of wax both for him and Icarus. He told Icarus not to fly to close to the sun, Icarus did and his wings melted and he fell and fell and drowned in the sea below.

who is Daedalus

Daedalus is the father of Icarus, he made wings out of glue and feathers and flew up in the sky, and he made the wings in jail because he wanted to escape because he didn't like it.