Dolly Parton

Riley McGuire

Dolly Parton

County queen, known around the world.

Early Life

Evan when Dolly was young she knew what she wanted to be and she knew one day she would get there. She wrote her very first song at the age of 5 years old. She didn't know how to tell her mother that she wanted to be a singer because her mother was always busy with one of Dolly's other siblings. Growing up with a 12 sibling family Dolly never felt that she got an-of attention from her parents. When she finally asked her mom she signed Dolly up to sing on the radio. Everyone thought that it would be the cutest thing to her this 10 year old girl sing on the radio. But right when her voice came out of her mouth everyone was amazed.

Dolly's Musical Accomplishments

Dolly has gotten many awards, but there is one that is very special to her. She got the living legend award from the liberty of congress. Not only did she get that in one year but in the same year her new song got number one on the charts. But as you know Dolly Parton is an actor as well as a singer. She has starred in lots of movies including 9 to 5, this is one of the first movies that she has ever starred in. Not only was she in it but she get got to sing in the theme song.

Where has she guest starred

There are many shows that Dolly has starred in but some of the most famous ones were the ones she had the most fun in. One is Hannah Montana, they loved dolly so much she is now the godmother of Miley Cyrus. She has been on the Ellen Degeneres show 2 times and the Oprah show 12 times. Dolly is most excited for her upcoming show though, if you already haven't heard dolly parton is going to be singing on the voice on live T.V.