By: Caroline Budd, Casey Gallup, and Emma Dahill

We looked at the country of Egypt and examined different aspects of the lives of the people living there that has affected their overall diet. We then compared it to the United States of America in order to draw conclusions about Egyptian diet.

Birth Rate, Death Rate, and Life Expectancy

These three graphs show what the quality of life is like in Egypt compared to the US. Overall, the birth rate and life expectancy will be higher if they have access to good nutrition. This graph shows that people in the United States have a longer life expectancy. This might be because we have more nutrients in our diet compared to Egypt.

Unemployment and Population

These two graphs show that there is more opportunity in the United States for employment, which causes more people to come here to live. This shows why the US has a higher population, and lower unemployment rate then egypt. This connects to food because the amount of money someone has directly influences how much food, and what kinds they can get.

Arable Land and Total Land

The Arable land influences how much food can be grown in Egypt compared to the United States. The US has more land that is able to be farmed on which is an advantage because we can produce more for our people to eat. We also have more land in total then Egypt.