Singapore's Independence

Why was Singapore's independence significant?

Singapore was independence when Malaysia was separated and left to become an independent and sovereign state. The ruling parties of Singapore and Malaysia,created communal tentions that resulted in racial riots in July and September 1964. During National Day Parades in Singapore, we were usually marked by military and civilian processions,mass culture performaces, grand parades and spectacular fireworks displays. Singapore enjoyed a series of majestic visual spectacles of parades when colonial days were held regularly to celebrate the birthdays and coronations of the British monarchs. On 4 June 1960, the first National Day was held a year after it achieved self-government. However, the parade was cancelled due to heavy rain disappointing 25 000 participants who had turned up. The first National Day Parade in 1966 was the most difficult training as most of the participants had to learn the commands from scratch as they were in malay. It was most frustrating as they had learnt to listen,understand and then act. They had trainings sessions on Sundays afternoons at the former Teacher's Training College ground at Paterson road. The second National Day parade in 1967, training was difficult for the first timers but life was better for the second timmers.