AISB TIMES- 2021-2022 TEAM

April 16, 2021. 21st Edition

Quote of the Week

'If we think about this pandemic, it is an accelerant and it is also a gateway between who we were, what we did before the pandemic and the next. This is a choice intersection. We can choose to drag the past with us into the portal or we can walk through lightly and be ready to imagine a different world.'" Will Richardson


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Staffing & Recruitment

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Recruitment to be finalized next week for grade 2/3

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Meet the 2021-2022 Team!

Mr. Justin George: High School Math Teacher

I am British, from England, educated at Stonyhurst College before studying Mathematics at the University of Manchester where I earned a BSc (1st Class Honours) and MSc (Distinction). I went on to study Mathematics in Education and qualified as a Mathematics Teacher in 1999. I have been teaching both High School and College-level Mathematics for over 20 years. I encourage students to engage their curiosity to explore and understand Mathematics through problem-solving, reasoning and experimentation. When I am not teaching I am with my wife and son, I enjoy sailing, chess and the arts.

Mr. Bertrand Mbioko: PE Assistant/Swimming Instructor

Mr. Bertrand Mbioko started his professional career as a

swimming instructor. He’s been the technical director of the

‘Avenir’ swimming club since the year 2000. Moreover, he’s

trained the national swimming team of Congo from the year

2008 to 2012. He started working at AISB in 2012 as the

physical education teacher assistant as well as swimming


Five years ago, he also took on the responsibility of swimming

pool maintenance at AISB. His professional experiences

abroad includes interning in the swimming and triathlon

teachers' programs in Morocco, Algeria and Cameroon. He’s

travelled with the national swimming team to the DRC, Gabon,

Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Angola and Nigeria for swimming


His experience so far at AISB has been nothing short of

pleasant. He enjoys the diversity and collegiality at AISB and

looks forward to the future with a positive mindset and

seriousness of purpose.

Ms. Victoria Baba: Elementary-HS Technology/Grade 6 & 7 Math Teacher

Ms. Victoria Baba is a Nigerian by nationality. She has taught Mathematics and Technology to students at various levels ranging from elementary to secondary in Abuja, Kampala and (now) Brazzaville.

Her research on the use computer-aided design to teach mathematics during her bachelor’s degree program encouraged her to proceed for a Postgraduate Diploma in Education Makerere University Uganda and later a Master’s in Technology and Learning Design in the University of Roehampton London.

She is a member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). She is currently working towards an ISTE Certification for Educators.

Ms Victoria Baba is here in Brazzaville with her husband and son. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, baking, and sewing.

She believes that if Technology is integrated appropriately, it will motivate both the teachers and the students while also allowing the students to develop the skills required to survive in the present society.

In her first year at AISB, Ms. Victoria Baba taught Mathematics (Grade 4/5) and Technology (Grade 2-11).

Ms. Victoria Baba is excited to begin her second year here at AISB!

Mr. John Lyons: High School Social Studies

Warm greetings to the parents, students, and staff at AISB! My name is John Lyons, and I will be teaching high school Social Studies. I have been involved in international education since the 1980s and have taught social studies in numerous international schools and colleges on five continents, including several community colleges in my home state, California. My K-12 Social Studies teaching credential is from the U.S., and I also have full California Community College instructor's credentials in Social Science, Economics, and Basic Education. I am a certified / experienced instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL), and have International Baccalaureate (IB) certificates in Economics, History, Extend Essay Advising, and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). My undergraduate degree is in Social Science, and I have graduate degrees in International Studies and Psychology, all from U.S. universities, Over the years I have taught IB/AP Economics, IB/AP Psychology, IB History and TOK, as well as mainstream social studies. My passions are writing, travel, exploring cultures, and helping to grow young hearts and minds in the right directions! This is my third international school job in Africa, and I am very excited to be returning to one of my favorite parts of the world! Look forward to meeting and hearing about everyone very soon!

Mr. Ronny Endzandza: Receptionist/MS & HS PE Teacher

Mr. Ronny ENDZANDZA started working at AISB in the 2015-16 school year as a teacher assistant and Community center overseer.

He took on the position of school store manager in the year 2017-2018 school year in addition to his teaching assistant position. The year 2018-2019 was his first as the administrative receptionist as well as coach of the AISB Hawks, the school’s basketball team. In the year 2020-2021 he took on the position of secondary school Physical Education teacher.

He received most of his elementary to High school education in Mauritius and Zimbabwe and Majored in Marketing and Sales at IHEM Brazzaville. He is well versed in sports and is passionate about movies, books, dance and various art forms.

He is thrilled to continue the AISB adventure in the year 2021-2022 and help provide a nurturing and positive experience for the AISB students and community at large.

Ms. Jadmire Feret: Elementary Teacher Assistant

Ms. Jadmire Feret is committed to teaching ,learning and inspiring. Born and raised in Congo, she's an alumni of Marien Ngouabi (Sciences faculty), EAD and Kenyatta(YALI program)

Universities. She has a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Financial Management.

Being a Prek assistant made her realize how creative, authentic, energetic, cute, open minded and lovely kids are. Every moment spent with them reinvigorated her. She is so excited and looks forward working in such a positive environment where she will gladly discover and improve kids' intellect.

Ms. Dorothy Payne: High School English Language Arts Teacher

Ms. Dorothy Payne is a highly experienced High School level, AP/IB trained English teacher. Ms. Payne taught in multiple universities and prestigious high schools throughout the United States before entering the international network of excellent schools around the world. In addition to her extensive teaching experience, she has served as Department Head, Curriculum Coordinator, and Faculty Advisor, and Teacher/Leader in the West Indies, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and West Africa. She is a published writer (poet) and a working artist (painter) who loves working with students producing literary magazines, organizing Poetry Club, and implementing Community Service projects. She was named Outstanding High School Teacher by the University of California System her second year teaching in high school and is cited in Who’s Who Among High School Teachers. Ms. Payne holds a B.A. in English, an M.A, in English, and has completed all Ph.D. level coursework in 19th Century American Literature with a minor in African American Literature.

Ms. Simone Tchagou (T): Kindergarten/Grade 1 Teacher/ Elementary Lead Teacher

Simone Tchagou is the oldest of 5 children who grew up in Brooklyn, New York, after leaving her native country of Guyana at age 5.

She is an elementary teacher that has taught kindergarten to fourth grade. She started teaching in 1996 after graduating from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelors degree in Commercial Writing and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education.

Ms. Simone Tchagou, who is known to everyone as “Ms. T,” has been at AISB for six years. In addition to being the Lead Elementary teacher, Ms. T will be teaching Kindergarten and First Grade.

Ms. T has just completed 25 years of teaching.

Before joining the staff of AISB in 2015, Ms. T has previously worked in the United States for over 11 years and Yaoundé Cameroon for four years.

Ms. T came to Brazzaville with her son Joshua who is currently in middle school.

Mr. Regis Zoula: Business Manager

Mr. Regis Zoula is the Business Manager at American International School of Brazzaville (AISB).

Régis was born in Brazzaville but raised in Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia, where he attended the French school, Lycée Guebre-Mariam. He pursued his College Education in Daytona Beach, Florida, majoring in Business Management, then graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic College where he obtained a bachelor's degree in International Business, with a focus in strategic Management.

Considering himself a third culture kid and a global citizen, Regis found a "home at home" at AISB, where he hopes to participate and encourage youth development, as well as cultural enrichment. Mr. Regis' passions and hobbies include Basketball, entrepreneurship, African Affairs and reading. A staunch believer in hybrid learning and a mild addiction with technology, he is currently self-learning programing language Phyton with the goal of acquiring basic programming skills.

Ms. Yu: MS/HS Chinese Teacher

Ms. Yu was born in Guangdong, China. After studying in the University of Jinan, she passed the selection test for Hanban Chinese volunteers. At the moment, she now lives and teaches Chinese in Brazzaville.

Ms. Yu has teaching experiences at the Confucius Institute of Marien Ngouabi University. She loves children. She enjoys being with the students of the AISB and talking with them about Chinese language, history, and culture.

Mr. Thony Samba: Elementary Music Teacher/Assistant

Mr Thony Samba is the AISB Elementary Music teacher. He has been teaching at AISB for the past 5 years. He completed his studies at the National School of Arts in Brazzaville and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Study and Arts. He is a holder of the DEMA degree which is a Diploma of Music and Art. He studied English in Accra, Ghana where he also built his capacity to instruct students.

Mr. Samba often says that music is his life and he enjoys working as a professional musician, and has music contracts with his band, ULTRASOUND…performed at the Jazz Festival in Kinshasa. in 2012, Mr. Samba’s band was invited to perform in Equatorial Guinea for the African Union Summit in Malabo City. In his personal time he is an active member of his church, where he is responsible for conducting the gospel choir and other church activities.

He comes from a large family and enjoys working with children. He recently had the opportunity to work in the USA, where he performed as an invited guest at the Jazz Bar, Harlem, New York City.

Ms. Temilyn Tilly: Grade 5 Teacher/ Counselor

Hi, my name is Temilyn Tilly. I grew up in a large family on a small farm in the mountains of Idaho in the USA. I believe this is where my love of critters of all sizes and shapes began. I will probably be bringing small critters I find into the classroom for observation and learning opportunities. I have my Bachelors of Education degree in Elementary Education as well as Special Education and my Masters of Education is in School Counseling. I've worked in a Tribal school on a Native American reservation, an international school in Guatemala City, the American international school in Freetown, Sierra Leone as well as the British international school in Freetown. During my five years in Sierra Leone, I adopted my two daughters and our little family of three is the center of my world. I love Africa and am so excited to be able to explore and experience another corner of this amazing continent with my girls.

Mr. Desire Essis: MS Science & Grade 8 Math/Secondary Lead Teacher

Mr. Desiré Essis teaches MS/HS Science, Mathematics and Technology. He has two master’s degrees in Biochemistry and in Clinical Laboratory Science. In addition, he earned a graduate certificate in Organic Chemistry.

Mr. Desiré Essis taught in middle schools, high schools, and college in the United States for more than a decade before venturing into international education that took him to China, Qatar, Georgia (Eastern Europe), and Congo. He joined AISB six year ago with A Levels and IB Sciences / Mathematics experiences

Mr. Desiré Essis uses his rewarding research skills acquired at Brown University, one of the leading research institutions in the United States, to teach Sciences and Mathematics with technology in a way that is related to its direct applications.

Mr. Essis has been a teacher for more than 20 years since his first appointment with Denver Public Schools in Colorado.

Ms. Selvanee Murden: Art Teacher/ELL Assistant

Selvanee Murden was born in Mauritius and then she moved to South Africa to continue her studies. She has 2 years of teaching experience. She holds a BA degree in International Studies and Development Studies at Monash University of Australia. After visiting Congo for the first time in 2016, she fell in love with the country and she wants to spend some more time here. She joined AISB as a ELL and Pre- K assistant in 2019.

To enhance her passion in teaching, she is empowering herself by being enrolled to earn her Master degree in Education which will be awarded next year. She loves kids and it fills her heart with joy to watch them grow. Selvanee is also excited to be a part of the wonderful AISB team and she looks forward to another promising year 2020/2021. She believes that kids are our future. In her free time, she loves drawing and painting and while she is outside, she loves to take lots of pictures and sketch out possible ideas for her future drawings as it’s her passion.

Ms. Grace Arreneke: MS/HS Drama, MS/HS/Elementary ELL Teacher

Personal Biography

My name is Grace Arreneke. I’m married and a mother of five. I am an ELL teacher for elementary, middle and High school. I also teach Middle and High School Drama at the American International School of Brazzaville.

I have taught drama and ELL for 12 years. I have a Diploma in the Performing Arts, B.A in English and a teaching Certification from the European Council of International Schools. I am currently studying the Masters in Education at the University of Essex Online.

In addition to weaving yarns, I love beading, cooking, sewing and gardening.

My two kids, Rosamond and Julius Sumelong will be in grade 5 and 11 respectively in the academic year 21/22.

Mr. Matey Ebenezer: French Teacher

Originally from Ghana, Mr. Ebenezer Matey is a passionate teacher who enjoys teaching, reading and legal analysis. These qualities, combined with his love for international affairs, law, history and French, give him a strong sense of fulfillment in teaching Social Studies and French at AISB.

Prior to joining AISB in 2019, Mr. Matey taught English to an adult francophone class at Linguaphone Ghana, and as a private tutor in Geneva, Switzerland. He proceeded to teach high-school level French in Maryland, USA before moving to Brazzaville. He is also a trained French-to-English translator with nearly 5 years of translation experience, mostly translating for UN agencies and NGOs in Geneva.

Mr. Matey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and French from the University of Ghana, and a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. He firmly believes that education, and faith in God, are two very key ingredients for success in life, and that no child should be left behind when it comes to access to quality education.

Mr. Matey’s two year at AISB afford him a wealth of expertise and a solid foundation upon which he intends to develop stronger partnerships with the AISB community for a more impactful teaching and learning experience in the next school year.

Mr. Mark Ciavarella: Middle School Language Arts/ MS &HS Music Teacher

Having grown up in Australia on a large farm I learned to appreciate the wide-open spaces of South Eastern New South Wales. From a young child I involved myself in Athletics and went on to represent Australia in Pan-Pacific competitions. As a teenager I began formal piano lessons and began to present for examinations. On graduation and having to choose between the disciplines of athletics and music, I was faced with one of the most difficult decisions of my life-I recall the poem by Robert Frost: The Road Less Taken.

Whilst the potential notoriety of a career in sport was enticing, I gave into my passion for music. On graduation as captain from my local High School, I relocated to the culturally inviting city of Melbourne. There I studied under the tutelage of Alexander Semetsky and Max Cooke-two notable Pianists/Pedagogues of world acclaim. The discipline was fierce but the education was total. I graduated with a Degree in Music Performance and Education.

Confronted with another decision-immerse myself in the world of music or teach and earn some money-I chose the latter. I returned to my region of Australia and took up a post at my local High School. I enjoyed ten years, working in public education, gaining experience not only in music but also across varied disciplines. I also learned that teaching is a noble profession and that it was more than just a job to earn money. I learned that education was holistic and the passing of exams often was eclipsed with by the shaping of noble virtues in the student. I continued to study music and rehearse. During this period, I received my Performance of Australia (Distinction) and the coveted Licentiate in Music Theory. Later I presented for Australian Music Grade Examinations in Flute and Voice.

Seeking to climb the executive ladder, I took a post in Catholic Education and became Head Teacher of Performing and Creative Arts at a secondary college. I found a physical renaissance in the art of Spring Board & Platform Diving whereby I went on to compete throughout Australia. I produced and directed musicals including my very own Buralga-an Aboriginal myth realised on stage-in 2005. From my instruction as, senior music teacher my students gained high accolades and many have gone onto further their careers in music and the entertainment industry. There is no greater affirmation of one's work than when this happens.

Probably the most cathartic point in my career was the two years in Cape Town- South Africa, where I worked for a special school with students from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2016, I took a position in Pointe Noire. There I worked as an Upper Primary Teacher and was commissioned to write programmes for the entire school-Nursery through to Grade 8.

For me, education is vital-it liberates one from a life of compromise and exposes the perspectives and potentials for a successful life. It is a cocktail of hard work, discipline, wonderment and ultimate independence.

Dr. Paule Mombouli: School Doctor & Elementary Chinese Teacher

Dr. Paule Sarah MOMBOULI is the School Doctor at AISB. She has been

working at the school since May of 2018 as the School Doctor. Added to

her School Doctor responsibilities, was the position of part time Chinese

teacher, teaching the Elementary for since year 2019.

She received most of her elementary to high school education here in Congo and she is a holder of a MBBS Degree(Doctor in Medicine and Surgery). She’s is passionate about Nutrition, baking, intercontinental cuisine, books, decoration, and languages. Outside school

she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, and is an avid reader. She highly

values the AISB experience and is appreciative of it.

Mr. Sean Neary: Grade 4 Teacher

Mr. Sean Neary grew up near San Francisco, California, as the son of two teachers. He completed one year of each high school and university in South Africa, then received a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to study history at the University of Namibia. His Master of Education degree was earned from The College of New Jersey.

Mr. Neary spent much of his working life at Internet companies in San Francisco. Since obtaining a teaching credential he has taught in South Africa, Denmark, Egypt, Vietnam, and Guinea. He is excited to be the grade 4 teacher next year.

Mr. Sean is accompanied in Brazzaville by the love of his life, Makeme, and their energetic 2-year-old daughter. His family is honored to be members of the AISB community.

Mr. Michel Kadaba: Elementary Assistant Teacher

Mr. Michel Kadaba has worked at the American International School of Brazzaville since 2012. He is a Congolese national, who attended the Teacher Training College (E.N.S) at Marien Ngouabi University, in Congo-Brazzaville, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Teaching English and French.

In 2012, Mr. Kadaba was hired at AISB as an Assistant Teacher and part-time French Language Teacher. In 2013, he became a full time French Teacher due to the increasing needs of the French program at AISB. He worked in this department until June 2018. Since August 2018, he has been the instructional aid for 4th and 5th grade levels.

Mr. Kadaba believes that the AISB has helped him improve as a teacher, gain knowledge about international best practices in teaching and learning, and has given him the opportunity to be qualified as an international associate supervisor and proctor for the PSAT, SAT, and TOEFL exams.

Mr. Michel recently earned the Upper Elementary Teaching Diploma from the North American Montessori Program. As an educator, Mr. Michel Kadaba believes that every child is unique, and that all children learn in different ways.

He looks forward to next year at AISB!

Dr. Richard Gilbert: High School Science Teacher/ Curriculum Coordinator

Dr. Gilbert has had a plethora of roles in education and international development, including as a key resource person for the World Bank in Research and Institutional Capacity Building, the chief Academic Officer and adjunct professor of the American University of Health Sciences, an adjunct professor for the University of Battambang and the University of Phoenix, the President of Global Development Initiatives, Inc., and an instructor and researcher with the University of Southern California.
Earlier in his career, Dr. Gilbert gained valuable expertise in varying fields through teaching positions with the Los Angeles Unified School District and the American International School of Johannesburg, consulting positions with The World Bank Group and various other national and international agencies, and research and development roles through Akela Corporation and General Research Corporation, the Marine Science Institute at the University of California Santa Barbara and the Catalina Island Marine Institute. He is especially proud of consulting on human resources and technology development projects in more than 40 countries, and assisting with projects concerning higher education, health and research reform in Cambodia.

Dr. Gilbert's accomplishments stem from his education through the University of California Santa Barbara, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Arts and post graduate work, as well as the University of Southern California, through which he received a Doctor of Philosophy in 1997. In order to remain aware of developments in the field, he retains his professional alignment with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Educational Research Association, the Comparative and International Education Society, the New York Academy of Sciences and many more. A devoted philanthropist, Dr. Gilbert contributes through his affiliation with the American National Red Cross, the International Red Cross Geneva Conventions and rural development, health delivery and education projects in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Prior to arriving at AISB, Richard served as the Acting Head of School and taught science, mathematics and economics courses at the American School of Angola, two years as Assistant Head of School and Science, Economics and Mathematics education at the Newtok Ayaprun School in rural Alaska where he also developed and headed a NOAA project on Arctic Resilience and assisted in the village move to its new site, Mertarvik. He was One of Seven National Advisors on increasing science education and development in the United States and currently sits on the Advisory Boards of

Rover robotics, Atma Global, Quality MD and the Future Doctors and Researchers of America.

Richard is a fully credentialed teacher in the great state of California in science, economics and anthropology with over 25 years teaching in secondary education and 27 years in university teaching and research

Mr. Delmas Louvoumina: French Teacher

Mr. Delmas Louvoumina Nzaou has been at the American International School of Brazzaville for 6 years. Prior to working at AISB, he has taught in several schools in Brazzaville and has 11 years teaching experience both English and French. He graduated with both Bachelor of Arts in English (2012) and Professional Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation (2015) from Marien Ngouabi University. In addition to these degrees from the same university, he obtained an associate degree (DEUG) on Literature and Social Studies of English-speaking countries. With his basic principle of determination to achieve excellence, he enrolled in North American Montessori Training School where he successfully completed and obtained his International Elementary Teaching Diploma. By the same token, he also successfully completed Child Protection Training held at AISB.

Mr. Louvoumina is excited about being one of the next year’s French teachers at AISB. He has not only benefitted from obtaining lots of professional developments and experience in an enriched international American curriculum school, but he also qualified as an administrator and proctor for PSAT, SAT, and TOEFL exams at AISB. He always believes that better education is the best legacy to bequeath to our children.

Ms. Sonia Essis: Store-Keeper & Support Staff Coordinator

Mrs Sonia Maryse Essis is from “La Perle des Lagunes” Abidjan, Ivory Coast and has a graduate diploma in Marketing and Management.

Sonia has more than 15 years of professional experience in the commercial, communication and advertising fields. Before joining ASD, she held the office of the sale representatives of Onro Chemicals in Abidjan. This is her second year at the American International School of Brazzaville as Stores Accountant and Support Staff Manager.

Sonia is passionate about helping others. On weekends, she mostly works with a non-profit organization in Makélékélé Hospital for a direct action towards the patients

Mr. Colin Hauck: Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Hauck has ten years experience teaching many social studies subjects to both middle and high school. He has taught in Eritrea, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Venezuela. He has two MA degrees and enjoys reading, playing guitar and exercising. Next year, he will be teaching middle school social studies.

Ms. Andrea Bavouidi: Elementary Teacher Assistant

Ms. Andrea Bavouidi Mbombolo has been the 3rd grade Teacher Assistant, is happily married and has two lovely kids.

She is a Pilot by training. In 2016, she graduated from the CAE Oxford Academy (Phoenix Arizona, USA), Mediterrane Air Training in Montpelier, and Aerosim in Paris. She also obtained a certificate and Pilot License from PPL, MCC, France. In 2014, she studied Aviation and obtained a diploma from CAE Oxford Academy in Brussels, Belgium after her Air Hostess training in 2012.

Apart from aviation, Ms. Andrea also has a passion and potential for teaching, and customer service. Before joining AISB in January, she was teaching preschoolers and later elementary students at the American Day Care.

She joined AISB school in January, 2019 as a third Grade Assistant Teacher and is very happy because of the way she was welcomed to the school. The interaction and the working environment with Ms Travis, her homeroom teacher and all the staff was very positive. This made her work easy, lovely, and encouraged her to dedicate herself even more.

Also the support and the assistance from Dr. Laura and all the team helped to integrate her well in the school. She appreciates everyone and is sometimes overwhelmed by the parents' understanding , cooperation and engagement or involvement in their kids' education. All these made her love the community so much. These experiences made her give all her best as Mr Sean's assistant for this year.

Ms. Andrea will love to continue with the AISB community to offer all her support to the school, to educate, to guide, and develop the students to their maximum potential.

Ms. Perpetua Ngembane: Elementary Teacher Assistant

Ms. Perpetua Ngembane is a Cameroonian and a mother of one. She joined AISB in 2013. As a teaching assistant, she served Pre-K for two years, grade 2&3 for three years and grade 1&2 this year. Ms. Perpetua taught art to in elementary classes a few years ago. She has also served as a substitute teacher across all the levels from Pre-K to high school.

She holds a teacher training diploma for elementary school and a bachelor degree in special education, all from Cameroon. She is also holder of a Montessori diploma in early childhood education.

Ms. Perpetua is working hard on her technology skills to get herself ready for the challenging and current virtual learning.

She believes in the unique development of children at all stages. She looks forward to building a positive working relationship with students, teachers and other members of staff.

Ms. Yvonne Fola: Accountant & Cashier

Ms. Yvonne Fola is a graduate from the University of Buea, Cameroon with a degree in Banking and Finance and a minor in Accounting. Before she came to AISB in January 2020 as an Accountant/Cashier, she had been working in the same role for 9 years in a Mineral Water production Company and for two years in an Insurance Company.

Working in AISB is a complete fulfillment of her dream because she always wanted to work in an institution with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Apart from the passion she has for her Career, she also enjoys working for Youths and Women empowerment. As a result she joined an NGO called Women For A Change(WFAC), Cameroon, where she participates with grassroots Communities to empower women and girls through education, and forum discussions amongst others.

For the period she has been in AISB, she has grown tremendously especially in meeting her career goals, thus a great accomplishment. She hopes to learn more and to contribute to the growth of the School. Yvonne is excited for the next academic year.

Ms. Gunjan: Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Gunjan has been teaching for over 6 years at various levels including
Pre-K, Kindergarten, and elementary children. Her classroom learning promotes fun, growth, and a sense of family. She was inspired by her 4th grade English teacher to pursue teaching and implement the same learning atmosphere in her classroom. Coming from India - a multicultural country, which has modeled her beliefs in equity, celebrating diversity, and developing healthy relationships.

She has earned a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Education. In 2017, she also worked as a part-time English teacher in Albert Learning, which is a renowned international online learning platform. Recently, she has attended Deep Dive Session into Virtual Learning for Early Years Educators conducted by ISS. She has been an active member of extracurricular activities like dance, creative art, and graphic designing. She firmly believes that success in education is about building relationships.

Gunjan commits herself wholeheartedly to the school community and will be the Pre-K teacher next year. She is very enthusiastic about returning to AISB for the 3rd academic year and accompany each child of her class on their learning journeys.

Mr. Djerston Nkou: IT Coordinator

Mr. Djerston Manon Nkou Omona is the IT Coordinator at the American International School of Brazzaville. He moved from Brazzaville to Pointe Noire in 2007 where he graduated in 2008 with the A level. He studied electronics at EST Littoral (University) for one year, and traveled to Ghana to pursue his studies for 6 years.

He studied IT for 5 years, got a bachelor degree in Information Technology (IT) at Sikkim Manipal University and Advanced Diploma in Hardware and Networking (CCNA) at IPMC. Back to Congo in 2015, he worked for almost 2 years at Ingéneri et Services des Equipements Industriels et Petroliers (ISEIP) as IT Technician and for 6 months at AVERDA as a Dispatcher (Logistics). He has been working at AISB as IT Coordinator for 5 years.

Dr. Laura Viban: Director

Dr. Laura Viban is the Director of AISB. She began her teaching career in 2000 after graduating with a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics (ESL) as an English language teacher at the British Council in Douala, Cameroon. She later joined the American School of Douala, where she taught for 10 years before moving to Germany. She has 20 years of teaching experience at international schools, and she served in a number of roles as classroom teacher from Pre-K to High school, as well as English teacher for adults at the Congolese Foundation for Education and at La Congolaise de Banque (LCB). She has been at AISB since 2013 and had been the Elementary Lead Teacher for five years prior to being appointed as School Director in 2018.

Her educational experiences have afforded her the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of educators and curricula including the PYP, MYP, IB, IPC, Montessori, and the Common Core. Having studied and worked in Africa, Europe, and the USA, Dr. Viban is a visionary leader, problem-solver, and a strategic planner for school improvement. She is responsible for and supervises the implementation and delivery of innovative instructional methods at AISB.

With her team, she wants each child to develop the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century- effective Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. The 4Cs +Character approach initiated two years ago, supports robust and engaging opportunities for students to experience an interdisciplinary approach to learning, supported by specialized instruction from credentialed teachers.

Her educational philosophy is based on her uncompromising belief that all students can learn, given a positive learning environment, strong and knowledgeable leadership, a committed and focused educational team, an encouraging community and a supportive family, all of which AISB possesses.

Dr. Viban has extensive experience in professional development and has been an active member of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) since 2003 and the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE). She was instrumental in the Accreditation Planning Team that resulted in the school's accreditation in 2017, later championed the K-12 Middle School Association (MSA) Substantive Change Accreditation with the school's addition of grade 11 and 12 after the initial accreditation and recently, led a Mid-Term Report team, which resulted in very positive feedback from the MSA.

Dr. Viban earned her Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) in Leadership and Educational Management and her Administrator Certification from William Howard TAFT University Denver, Colorado. She is currently enrolled in the Certificate of School Management and Leadership (CSML) Program with the Harvard Business School in association with Harvard School of Education. She earned a 2nd Master's in Education as well as her Teaching Certification from The College of New of Jersey (TCNJ). Her Bachelor's degree was in English language & Literature/Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea- Cameroon.

In addition to her extensive teaching and administrative experience, Dr. Viban is married and a mother of four robust boys, 3 of whom are in AISB (Thorsten-Gr.10, Helmut-Gr.8, and Junior-Grade 2.) In her free time, she enjoys a quiet or fun family time, reading, traveling, cooking, and watching a good movie.

Dr. Viban continues to advocate for progressive reforms resulting in enhanced levels of student achievement and creativity. She passionately promotes programs and opportunities that attempt to inspire academic, technological, and athletic excellence; IB: (PYP, MYP, DP) program in the pipeline.

She looks forward to a successful end of this challenging year and an eventful 2021/2022.

Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) Conference April 12-16

AISB is a member of the AAIE and the director is participating this week in AAIE/AISH's 2021 Virtual Global Leadership Conversations with over 400 school leaders around the world. The theme is "Stories of Leading Through the Plaque Years."
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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test.

The Spring session of the MAP test will be administered on May 3-6 for grades K-5 and on May 10-14 for Secondary school. More information will be shared with you later.
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Student Council-Organized Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you Student Council!

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2021-2022 Calendar

Tentative dates to be approved by the Board

New Teachers Arrive/Orientation: August 8-11

Returning Teachers/In-Service: August 12-18

New Parent/Student Orientation: August 18

First Day of School for students: August 19

2021-2022 Tuition

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WHO Covid-19 Dashboard

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Click here for a complete interactive dashboard

Online Educational Psychology Testing

We encourage parents/guardians if they suspect that their child is having learning difficulties -- to contact the U.S.-based company *Enable My Child* *
<​/> * Enable My Child, a fee-based program located in the U.S., will work carefully with the parents and the teachers to determine what kinds of support or accommodations the child might need. A number of American International schools on the Continent are already using Enable My Child's online services. It is important to note that the parent, not the school, pays for these services.

Tracy Ball of "Enable My Child" says they are happy to provide Ed Psych
Testing via Zoom / online.

She can be contacted at this email address:

For counseling and other therapy, I encourage you to reach out to *Ms.Terry Audate* at * <>* based in New York City. Ms. Audate is already providing counseling to a number of students at some international schools in Africa.

I had recommended Michelle Ireland based in S. Africa in the past. She has been quite good.

Third Quarter Awards; Students of the Quarter, Honor Roll & High Honor Roll

Congratulations to all Award Recipients!!!

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Evidence of Learning

Elementary French Assembly

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Pre-K Learning

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Rock Cycle Project by 2nd and 3rd grade

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Grade 4&5 PE Class

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Biology Class (Grade 10) Performing Flower Dissections

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Supersaturated Solution Experiment in Chemistry Class (Grade 11)

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Grade 11 Chemistry Class

High School Art Class

High School Art Class

Elementary Technology Class

Making Shapegrams Using Google Drawing
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High School Technology Class

3D Models Using Tinkercad
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International Day 2020/2021

Thursday April 29, 2021

International Day at AISB 2021

International Day is quickly approaching on Thursday the 29th of April and the students and teachers are busy preparing for this big day. This year’s theme is Forging Ahead in Unity. As the world becomes more and more integrated, we have to remain conscious about how to relate to others who may be of a different country, culture, or color. Learning about others builds communication and tolerance.

International Day Overview

Diversity by countries, cultures, and ethnicities is what makes International schools unique. Even though we are a small school, we represent more than 30 countries. We dedicate this day to celebrating our uniqueness by displaying pride in our flags, our native dress, and our food. In addition to the flag parade, each class has chosen a country or countries to study and display in their classrooms. During the program each class will demonstrate a dance song, poem, or skit from their selected country.


One of the highlights of the day, is our flag parade. Each flag that represents our various countries will be marched in during our parade of nations. A native student or teacher will carry in their country’s flag and all the students and faculty from that country will walk in behind their respective flag. When your flag passes by we ask that everyone stands to show your pride in your country.

Cultural Dress

As much as possible, students and families are encouraged to wear their native dress on that day. This will be a day to show off your diversity. Each student may also be assigned to wear a different outfit for the country they are representing in their classroom. A time will be given for changing, if necessary. If a country does not have any distinctive dress, then students should dress nicely. Please refrain from coming in just jeans and a t-shirt.


Another highlight of the day is lunch. It is an international buffet, where all are invited to partake and experience the food that the different counties have to offer. This is an additional way to show off your cultural pride—allow us to taste the best of your country.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has volunteered to prepare a meal for us on that day. We are delighted about those who are willing to help. It is not too late for those who have not. If you can help, kindly contact your child’s teacher. We want to make sure that no one is left out of this opportunity to share their pride in their country.

Please remember that the meal you prepare should be able to serve 10 or more people. Appetizers, main dishes, drinks, and desserts are welcome. Please bring your food in the morning to International Day and leave them with the kitchen staff who will receive it at the security post. Be sure to mark your dishes with your name and country of origin. It would also be wonderful if you could provide a recipe.

We want to make sure your belongings are returned to you, so all pots, dishes, and utensils should be marked with your name, child’s name, and grade. You can do this with masking tape that can come off easily later. On the bottom of this page we have provided a label that should be in the front of each dish. Each label should have the continent, country of origin, and ingredients indicated. Please let us know for cultural and medical reasons if there is pork, nuts, or milk in the meal.


Each student will receive their lunch tickets from their teacher. Each family will receive 4 lunch tickets when they arrive on campus. After the program, students will report to their classroom stands for the country presentations. There will be three staggered lunch shifts. Elementary, Middle School and High School.

The program for International Day, will begin at 9:00, in the gym area. Students should arrive at 8:00 at the latest.

Attendance: Due to the pandemic, parents and guests will not come on campus. We however invite you all to watch us live on Facebook and see the hard work that your children have put into getting ready. In order to make this day a success, we need everyone’s help. We are looking forward to this day.

Let’s all work together to make it a wonderful day.

Name of Dish/Food Country/Continent:

(Circle Yes or No)

Vegetarian------------------Yes No

Contains Nuts--------------Yes No

Contains Pork--------------Yes No

Contains Milk---------------Yes No

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, May 26th 2021 at 6-8pm

This is an online event.

This will be a virtual event. All parents, teachers and the AISB Board are invited to attend. A Zoom link will be shared then.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

April Lunch Menu

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Dr. Laura Viban

Ed.D in Educational Leadership & Management


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