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Par: Avery Manning

Avril Lavigne

Elle s'appelle Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne a 31 ans. Elle vient de Belleville, Canada. Elle est un auteur-compositeur et un artiste musical. Elle est Français. Elle vit a Belleville. Elle aime faire de la musique. Elle ne pas aime chats et chiens. Sa Couleur préférée est le vert, Bleu, Noir. Avril Lavigne est Nice, très créatif, ouvert d'esprit, et heureux. Avril Lavigne est de taille moyenne, a de longs cheveux blonds, et a les yeux bleus. Elle porte ine chemise noire, un jean noir et une veste noire et des bottes noires. Elle porte une jupe blanche avec une chemise noir et des bottes blanches. Son regard est formel parce qu'elle aime regarder formelle.

Word Bank

Songwriter= Auter-compositeur

Music artist= Artiste musical

Happy= Heureux

Open-minded= Ouvert d'esprit

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Yes, I do think that clothes can determine who you are. You can have a reputation by the clothes that you wear. For example if you always wear sporty clothes then you can be known as someone who plays or likes sports. And the same is for casual and dressy. We use fashion as identity by seeing what people wear and look like. There is a saying called "Dress to impress", this can tell you that if you dress nice then people will think of you as a nice person. If you dress dirty or in old clothes then someone could think of you as being homeless or someone who doesn't care about their appearance. This is how we use fashion as identity. No, we should not judge people by the clothes they wear because someone could possibly not have enough money to buy good clothes. Or, someone could have really nice clothes and not have a nice life. Everybody dresses different and someone might not know about the clothes that the other person is wearing. For example: someone could be from Syria and has come to America. The Syrian would probably dress differently than the Americans. The American could possibly not know this and start to judge them. This is why we should not judge people by what they wear.