AV Cato Library

December Newsletter


Winter Wonderland in the Library!

The week of December 15-19 will be a little different in the library this year. We will not be following the traditional library schedule but we will be hosting a Winter Wonderland of Library Activities!

Click below to see what we have planned and to sign up.
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Just remember- in the slideshow above, we are not having library on Friday due to the Spelling Bee and early dismissal.

New app on the iPads


You can use lovely words to draw a heart image, or add a special caption with curving path, or draw a picture or object with any words from your creativity.
Patext - Draw Texts with Freely Path on images and Photos

Most checkouts in the month of November

L. Daurio - most checked out items in the month of November.

M. Reyes - 2nd most checked out items in the month of November.

Top 5 most searched terms in Destiny

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

2. Minecraft

3. Bone

4. Captain Underpants

5. Dork Diaries

Puppet Show, Ninja Pigs, and Students Showing Force and Motion