The Badlands

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History Of the Badlands

The Badlands are canyons that were formed by weathering and erosion caused by water. It has a long history of Native Americans living there, but in the early 1900s American settlers came in and took it over as a farming community. When the dust bowl hit in 1930s most folks living in the badlands moved out. In the 1940s the badlands were used for bomb and military weapon testing. Even to this day you can find discarded bullet shells in the flora and fauna of the badlands.

The Climate of the Badlands

The Badlands are in the western region of America and typically have dry, hot summers and cold, dry winters. The temperatures range from 116 to -40 Fahrenheit and the average annual precipitation is 16 in.
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Activites of the Badlands

The activities are endless in the Badlands: Hiking, camping, climbing, looking for fossils, driving the badlands highway, mountain biking, and enjoying the scenery are just the start of the list of things to do.
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The Badlands Association with the Indians

The Badlands have a long history of Indian inhabitants. Before the settlers came to the Badlands they were home to the Sioux Indian Tribe. The Sioux hunted and kept watch to protect themselves from other tribes and they utilized the natural wall of the Badlands to also protect themselves.