Factors affecting participation

Disability, Age, Environment


- Children are not as strong at adults-As you get older high energy sports like Football, Rugby and Basketball become harder to take part in.-Flexibility When we get older we lose it -As people get older you tend to play more sports like dartst requires little physical fitness.


-Men and women do not often compete against each other because if significant differences -A Women menstrual cycle can affect her performancerugby is mainly played by men where as gymnastics is normally done by girls- Men have a higher testosterone levels so they are bigger and stronger muscle


Weather- if it is hot it will cause dehydration to the performer but if it is too cold the performer will lose interest to go and play the sport. Competing - Many activities are stopped because of the weather, as it may be too wet, too windy , too foggy, or during a thunder storm.Altitude- being above the sea level can cause the training to become harder


In sport there is 6 different categories for disability they have been splits up into groups. the groups are: Amputees, Vision Impaired, wheelchair, Cerebral palsy, Les Autres and Intellectual disability. The rules for the paralympics and disabled sport are modified to help the athletes.