Auto Insurance

By: Chris Ruzicka

What can Teens do?

The Text can wait. This the most common problem with teens driving. The message can wait because texting and driving can take your life and the life of others. Second, teens can get better rates for insurance premiums if they keep the Overall grade above a B if the company considers it. Third ,teens can also take defensive driving courses to be more alert during driving. Most distractions are radios, texts, and friends if they are in the car. Fourth way is to not show off to friends by driving crazy, that will most likely lead to a crash because they are more focused on showing off than paying attention to the road. Fifth, never drive under the influence of drugs, drinks, or anything else. Sixth is to sign with a parent that has a good record so they can help you. If you follow all these reasons (and more from parents) you will keep you insurance premium lower because you are less likely to wreck which will raise your rates.