Uncle Tom's Cabin Bulletin

By Will Essig, Angie Liu


In 1850, social interactions between the classes was dependent on the white plantation owners, who chose to rule as a tyrant or martyr,which created a gap in the cultural norms for black slaves based on their owner's actions.


Through harsh punishments inflicted upon the slaves, slaves grew fearful of their masters, in great contrast to those who were treated fairly (Picture 1). Slaves were sold to plantations owners who each would have their own impact on the slaves based off their treatment (Picture 2). Slaves were an important commodity for the white plantation owners to such a degree they would hire people to catch run away slaves, slaves would usually run due to treatment in the home (Picture 3.)
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Tom was brought up in two households who both respected their slaves, which drew upon his kind and compassionate nature, rather than causing tom to be afraid of his owner.
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Tom is depicted as a happy and carefree man even though he is a slave. Due to the lack of restricting and rules implicated upon him, tom laughs and has fun with Eva, despite the fact that she is a different class and race than him.

Discussion Questions by Will

A. Slaves were not as raggedy as most would think, conveying that they did have a slight degree of luxury in their life, as well as the fact that religion played a big part in their lives on the plantations.

B. The most surprising fact was probably that of the picture portraying Tom in a full suit. One would never imagine seeing a slave in a suit, It gives a more happy light on those plantation owners who were kind to their slaves, bestowing upon them certain luxuries.

Discussion Questions by Angie Liu

A- Some of the subtle ideas depicted in the images are the less harsh interactions between the non-slave holder whites and the slaves. The southern culture at the time was dominated by the ideals of the higher class plantation owners and therefore the less severe treatments were overshadowed by the harsh stories heard among the country.

B- The most surprising part was the depiction of Tom as an intelligent human and not a filthy lower being that slaves have previously been depicted as.