Gifted and Talented News

by Lenora Barnes 9/25/15


This week we did not have class due to my involvement in the evaluation of the planned experience activities, which are our first step in the GT screening process at the elementary level.


If you have not yet brought your composition book to school, please be sure to bring it to class next week. Everyone will need to have it for class next week. We will keep these in our classroom.

Next week we will continue with our unit on giftedness. We will focus on the first few success tips for gifted children. The booklet that we create will become a permanent part of the students' journals for future reference.

We will begin the design process for our Global Cardboard Challenge projects. We will not begin building our GCC projects until the week of October 5, so students should not be bring supplies before then.


High achievers work hard to achieve.

High achievers are able.

The work of high achievers is accurate and complete.

Gifted learners know without working hard.

Gifted learners are intellectual.

The work of gifted learners is original and continually developing.

Kingore, B. (2004)


MYTH #5 - Acceleration Placement Options Are Socially Harmful For Gifted Students

Academically gifted students often feel bored or out of place with their age peers and naturally gravitate towards older students who are more similar as “intellectual peers.” Studies have shown that many students are happier with older students who share their interest than they are with children the same age. Therefore, acceleration placement options such as early entrance to Kindergarten, grade skipping, or early exit should be considered for these students.

- National Association For Gifted Children

Don't worry, even if your child is not able to participate as a part of the Destination Imagination team, they will still have many opportunities in class to participate in Destination Imagination type activities. We do a variety of short challenges throughout the year. The students love the challenge and greatly benefit from the thinking required.