Describe the industry.

A painter applies paint and other decorative finishes to interior and exterior surface of buildings and other surfaces. A painter makes a building/house look better and brighter with colours of the owners choice.

Why would you like to work in that industry?

I would like to be a painter because i think i could be a good painter. Also, i think this could be a very easy and a fun job for me.

Are there jobs available?

Yes, there are a lot of painting jobs available for the right person.

Are there opportunities for promotions or to grow in this industry?

Yes, there are. The higher and better you get as a painter, the better promotions and salary you get.

What is the average salary?

The average salary for a painter is $19.66.

Job Requirements:

Highlight the key qualifications for the job/career.

Should be good at identifying colours and have a good sense at choosing colours.

What level of education will you need?

Must have completed high school or have completed GED.

What school offers this program?

You have to do apprenticeship and take the test. After, find a company that's recruiting and join them.

Job Goals

When do you expect to start in the career?

I expect to start this right after High school.

What do you hope to accomplish in this career?

I hope to become a great painter and make a lot of money.

What are your short term and long term goals?

Short term goal is to get a job at a good painting company. Long term goal is to get a promotion and get a lot of cash.