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Hello Mountain View Family!

Below you will find many resources from the counseling program that all children have access to. Research shows using common language at home and at school is very beneficial to supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing. I want to give you access to what we are learning at school and provide tools and resources for your children to use at home. This website will continue to be updated and grow just as your children will!

At school, some of the proactive services I will be providing at Mountain View are:

  • Classroom lessons every other week in each class. The skill areas that we will address include: social skills development, conflict management, emotional awareness and regulation, personal safety, substance abuse prevention, firearm injury prevention, and career development.

  • Groups to assist students in improving academics, adjust to changes in their lives, or get along with others better. *Parent permission may be required.

  • Individual guidance to help students adjust to school or deal with specific problems they are experiencing. I do not provide on-going counseling for students. As time permits, a school counselor mostly practices crisis counseling. It is short in nature, deals with problems that are specific to a situation, and is meant to help a student “get back on the right track” so they can perform academically in the classroom. In the event that a student’s or family’s concerns or problems require dedicated time beyond what the school can provide, appropriate resources will be given.

  • Educational classes for parents interested in learning new skills to implement with their child. *See parent education pamphlet sent home with your child(ren) at beginning of year and at semester change.

  • Conferences with parents to learn about their children’s progress in school or assist with family issues.

I value providing a counseling environment that is safe and supportive, where students feel comfortable talking about any concerns that they may have. In the event that a student’s concerns or problems require services and dedicated time beyond what the school can provide, appropriate resources will be given.

I look forward to meeting you and your child(ren) and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Kristen Shearer, M.A., LPC, NCC

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"Understanding is love's other name." - Nhat Hanh


Current Parent Resources

Virtual School for the beginning of the 20-21 school year

Board members are aware that their decision has implications for families. To assist families with child care, food, social and emotional support, the Boise School District is working with local community child care providers, Boise Community Schools and Boise Food & Nutrition Services, to address the needs of families. Families with immediate basic needs can also call the Boise Schools Foundation’s SAFE Hotline at (208) 472-2233 to be connected with a Boise Schools social worker. The SAFE Hotline is available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Swahili.

Boise Online School Enrollment

In light of the Board’s decision to start the school year online, the final drop/add date for Boise Online School is Friday, August 7, 2020 at 12 p.m. Registration occurs by contacting your neighborhood school. After this deadline, students must be committed to Boise Online School or their neighborhood school for the entire 1st semester that ends December 22. If you choose to stay enrolled in the Boise Online School you will have the option to transition back to your neighborhood school at the end of the semester.

Boise Online School is for families who do not want in-person learning for the semester. Students not enrolled in Boise Online School who are currently enrolled in their physical school will be provided online instruction led by their classroom teacher, until such time as it is deemed safe to return to school.

Each Boise School District student will be provided access to a device for online learning and families can expect more instructions from their school and/or District in the near future.

Curbside Meals!

Click here to let us know if you need help to apply for Free/Reduced Lunch

Back to School Care Package!

Use this back to school packet that has ALL of what parents need most!

Parenting tips during stressful times

If schools close again, due to Covid 19, parents need to be prepared. According to Richard Gallagher, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU, parents need to be particularly focused on their children’s needs during this uncertain time. Dr. Gallagher recommends the following:

Children need structure. Set a schedule for the weekdays and weekends. Children and teens do their best if there are plans for each day, especially the weekdays when they would normally be in school.

Set regular bedtimes and wake-ups. It is best to have the same schedule you set when your kids are attending school, since it can be hard to get back on track.

Education on-line can be a challenge. Make sure your child keeps up with assignments and can engage in any virtual instruction.

Exercise and social contact. By keeping active each day, everyone will be calmer and will sleep better. Get involved in taking walks and playing active games (such as tag or hide-and-seek) with your children and hiking, biking and running are great forms of exercise to relieve stress.

Reduce anxiety in the face of real-life concerns. Talk to your children about COVID-19 and help maintain the appropriate calm. Make certain to provide accurate information from reliable sources. Ask if they have questions or concerns about the situation and work hard to clearly answer their questions.

YouTubers Give Tips For Parents To Help Kids Cope with COVID-19

Resources for your family during COVID-19

Click here for the website from our social worker. This is a great resource and a direct way to contact her for your family's needs.

BSD Social Worker Resource Site

Mental Health Awareness Month - Family, Friends, Community and Me

Free resources and support are available not just for people living with a diagnosed mental health condition but also for those currently feeling isolated or out of sorts while sheltering at home. These tips are intended to promote practicing self-care as a way to support mental health and wellbeing at a highly stressful time when many of us are cut off from the things we usually do to support recovery/wellbeing: gym, book club, group therapy, religious services, etc. The resources available include:

Don't know how to talk about the recent events regarding race in America? Here are some resources for you and your family:


Information about 7th grade Transition!

Click here for more information about 6th graders registering for 7th grade! This website will have information on Fairmont Jr. High AND Riverglen Jr. High. (Website will be updated with this year's information early January, when junior highs release their info to Mountain View.)

Everyday Parent Resources:


Growth Mindset! We ALL need it!

Your children learn what a growth mindset it at Mountain View. Here's some resources for parents to use at home!




Please see this link for more information!

These classes are very beneficial to you and your children! Childcare may be provided!

Mountain View Elementary is a Trauma-Informed School!

Creating Trauma Informed Schools
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