come live at Alberta and live a whole new life

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Alberta is a beautiful attractive city to visit with a healthy and non-air pollution environment good houses/buildings, jobs, laws, and much, much more.
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why you should come

Alberta is a happy living city with kind people meaning laws aren't being over crossed with also plenty of good jobs. there is no race in Alberta where anyone can vote any gender can live worry free without having trouble going to places and traveling. It's also a good place for people who take photo's love going outside like traveling with beautiful structers and nature or people who just like staying at home all cosy and warm.
Alberta has a weather as liveable as it can be in the summer it reaches to 20° C and through December to February it reaches maximum to -22° In the summer it's not to hot and you can actually go outside and have fun and winter also isn't the coldest it's still gonna be possible to have recess or not get sick