Friday Focus

March 13, 2015

Good luck Liberators and Lady Liberators!

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Becky Shockley's Intro to Programming students were building robots this week! It was really neat to see what they were doing.

Calendar Update

The district is proposing a change to the schedule to avoid the need to have school after Memorial Day on Tuesday, May 26th, our current last day. Instead, April 6th would be a early out student attendance day with staff recognition in the later half of the day. Since we would lose a professional learning day, teachers would need to log the seven hours of learning outside the normal contract schedule. We may be able to tie that to some of the work we're doing on Google Classroom.

So, anticipating that this plan will go forward, our schedule will be as follows (pending board approval I believe). Monday, April 6th will be an ODD day, Tuesday, April 7th will be EVEN and we alternate from there.

Parent Open House

We have open house on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. I know spring coaches will have practices after school. Please be in your rooms by 5:30 on Tuesday. We will let parents know you won't be available at all on Wednesday.

If there others with unavoidable conflicts during open house please let me know. I am going to send info to parents through our various methods.

Wednesday Late Start

We will have a whole faculty meeting beginning at 8:00AM on Wednesday in the library. Capstone will join us to provide insurance related information. Spring Sports pictures will also be Wednesday morning, but spring coaches will just need to join us in the library as soon as possible.

The Distracted Driving Prevention Summit has been a great event! Thanks to Addie Stewart and Alexis Miller for their hard work in planning this week's activities.

Just a little coffee mug humor!

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Big Man On Campus

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The contestants for Big Man on Campus are Dalton Zimmerman, Phillip Sneed, Ryan Skopec, Jonathan Ballinger, Isaac Long, Jacob Howard, Ben Burleson, Aaron Westmoreland, and Joe Urie.

Program will include:
Opening Dance Number
Swimwear Competition
Talent Competition
Evening Gown
Interview Questions
And of course, the crowning of BMOC!

Special guest performances from Melanie Gratton and from Diego Brawn.