An Ordinary Hero

A paper about a hero who is not extraordinary?

My Personal Hero By: Celeste Winebarger

There are many different types of heroes. Usually when you think of a hero you think of the superheroes in the movies but there are everyday heroes everywhere. A hero can be anyone. A hero doesn't have to save people and they don’t have to be a great example; but they are someone who helps you no matter what it is. No matter how they are a hero they are always helping and guiding you. I have two heroes in my life. My mom and my brother are my heroes. They have helped me become who I am today, and they are always there for me.

My mom is my hero because she is there for me and can always look at the good side of things even when everything has gone wrong. My mom is determined and she doesn’t give up. I look up to my mom because she doesn’t give up and she has shown me that whatever I face I can get through it. She gives the best advice; she always knows what to say. My mom believes in me and she supports me in everything that I do no matter what it is. She is not only my mom; she is like a friend too. My mom would do anything for me and my siblings. She is a caring person and can always see the good in anyone. She would give up everything for me and my siblings. She always has been there for me and I can talk to her and she always can give me helpful advice. My mom is my hero for all of these reasons plus more.

My brother, Nick, is also my hero for many reasons. He might not be the best example but he has always been with me through thick and thin. We have always been close and he is my best friend. He has helped me through many tough situations. He supports and advises me through many decisions. He gives me helpful advice. I can always talk to him about anything and he can always relate and help me through it. I have always looked up to my brother. He has always seemed fearless to me, he is courageous and he never gives up. No matter what he is facing he is always bold. No matter what I am going through my brother can help me through it. He has shown me to never give up on anything. He is my hero.

I believe that anyone can be a hero. There are many things that make you a hero. Heroes are always helping and guiding. You might not always feel recognized for the small heroic things you do but you could be someones hero and you just don’t know it. Heroes are everywhere. A hero is inspirational and can show you that you can be someone’s hero. One day I hope I can be someone's hero too.

Do You Believe They Are Heroes?

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Another Real Hero

Alice Paul has made a huge impact on american history. She has shaped women history and how women in america are treated and respected. She fought for all American women. Paul was a smart women. She worked with Lucy Burns. Her and Lucy both were sent to jail multiple times for their protesting to show their fight. They went on Hunger strikes to make a statement. She was part of the NWP, the national women’s party. She was a hero because she was courageous, fearless, helpful and caring.

Alice Paul fought in the women’s suffragist act. She showed how courageous she was, she stood up to the government and showed how much she cared for her women. She protested in front of the white house. She did not stop until she had won women’s suffrage. Paul had led the largest parade in D.C at the time. She gained thousands of women’s support for her movement. She along with other women were the first to picket the white house. That is a huge risk to take but it showed their determination. Paul did not give up. Her group often talked bad about president Wilson. World War I started during their movement but it did not stop them. Wilson eventually announced his support for women’s suffrage and it finally became agreed.

Even after women’s suffrage was done she still fought for women’s rights. She had made the equal rights amendment and took it to congress. She also worked for the civil rights bill and fair employment practices. Alice Paul is an american hero. She was determined, independent, courageous, helpful, and overall amazing. If it wasn’t for her women would still be treated unequally. Alice Paul is a hero.