Blue & Gold Banquet

Winter Camp Recap!

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It's Magic!

Get ready! Our Blue & Gold Banquet is readily approaching!

Mark your calendars for Sunday March 6th, 11:00am-2pm.

Again, the theme this year is Magic.

We've hired local Magician Glen Gerard to perform his amazing act for the night.

It is a pot luck dinner with the main dish being chili. Hot dogs will be available for kids who do not like chili.

Each Den will be responsible for bringing items.

An email will be sent out from your Den Leaders in regards to what will be needed.


We need a final head count of who is attending by this Friday, February 12th!

Please send this information to your Den Leaders ASAP!

All five of the Webelos II will be Bridging Over into the Boy Scouts!

Bob Van Dyck will be giving a cross over story.

It's not too late to get involved! If you're feeling ambitious to help us pull this together, please reach out to me! We welcome any and all input and would love to have your help putting this together for the boys!
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Our Polar Cubs kept quite busy this past weekend during Winter Camp at Camp Tesomas! During, and a bit after checkin, they were kept occupied with snacks and a movie (Minions) in the main lodge. After that, it was time to head to the cabins and get settled in.

Pack 3782 had a total of 3 cabins available to us: Buffalo Bill, Bixby & Ledbetter. We all stayed up for a bit, talked and played cards. I personally found myself in the middle of a game of Go Fish with a few boys. After that, it was lights out by 11:00pm.

.....then again at 11:30.

..okay, 12:05am. But I digress.

Back up at 6:30am!

After breakfast at 8:00, we jumped right into the activities!

We started out by playing 9 Square in the Air. A ball was to be tossed over a pvc pipe constructed grid. If the ball ended up in your area and you missed, you're out.

We then took a small break and moved onto GaGa Goodness. Another ball game similar to dodgeball, but using a smaller ball and only counts against you if you're hit below the waste.

By then it was time for lunch, consisting of corn dog bites and soup.

We then went Snow Surfing, then played Minion Mayhem, which involved oversized sling shots. Need I say more?

After that we went into Blocks vs. Balls, a Tesomas version of Capture the Flag.

The best thing to do after all of that is naturally have Smores & More! (the more being ice cream!) But not just ANY ice cream... Snow Cream! Made from scratch by the boys. (and it was pretty good if you ask me!)

We then finished out the day with Stars vs. Strikes, which was just all out crazy!

That finished out the day. We went back to the main cabin for checkout, and back to our cabins to make sure everything was packed up.

All in all, it appeared that everyone had a lot of fun! The fresh air did everyone good!!

I CAN'T WAIT to do it again next year!!


Here are a few shots taken during camp! You can view the rest on our facebook page!

The last of the newsletters...

Well, sadly, this may be one of the last newsletters I am able to send out.

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Hopefully I find a way to keep these going without requiring payment.

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