An amazing cactus

Agave tequilana (Agaveaceae)

The tequila is probably the most recognized varieties along side the sisalana that provides the fibrous innards that can be harvested by grinding the broad leaves.

Agave's center of origin is from Mexico and is widely grown as an ornamental with there being over 200 species.

Making tequila, harvesting a blue agave plant in Mexico

A toolkit for safety in the desert

My favorite use of this plant would have to be that which can be made of the fiber that can be extracted that runs from the tip of spine to the base of the leaves. Made into rope and clothing, it can also be used in a pinch.
Mother Natures Sewing kit! Agave!

Fructose or not fructose?

Our other use of many of the agave varieties is to take and make it into a sweetener, likened that to other highly concentrated fructose sweeteners after the main start of the plant is broken down.

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