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That's What I'm Sayin'

A lot has been going on in the library, as usual. Second through Fifth Graders learned about the power of words as they are strive to be good digital citizens. A handful of students have already approached me about how some people posted some mean things to them on various game sites, etc. and how they just stepped away as they remembered from STOP-step away, tell a trusted adult, okay sites only, and pause before you post. This week Third through Fifth graders have been working on Common Sense Media's Digital Passport. Web-based games and videos engage 3rd - 5th graders in independent learning as they get the basics of online life.

Second Graders this week have been working on doing a Biography Poster Report on either Thurgood Marshall or Theodore Roosevelt. They have been doing great work. Some student artwork looked like aliens or animals, but after going back and trying their best, these famous men were at least remotely identifiable as human.

Patterning, following directions, word searches, skip counting and good old fashion story reading has dominated our kinder and first grade library times.

I wish I would remember to write down some of the things students say because there are some funny things that I overhear on a regular basis. Sadly, I am not that efficient to have paper ready so I have to rely on memory. Usually, I remember the ones that make me laugh out loud.

:) As I try to learn the names of 800+ students and teachers, I sometimes revert to mijo and mija for those that I am still in the process of getting to know. Mia from Ms. Oz's class turned to her partner in doing a project and said, "Mijo, you have to...." She was not joking, but seriously thought his name was Mijo. I LOVE IT!

:) Students in kinder and first grade actively relate to my read alouds by sharing their thoughts out loud. It is a steady stream of observations and predictions. They are not necessarily sharing it with me or the class, but just thinking aloud. One first grader from Ms. Orsak's class, made his comments to himself but out loud and when his thoughts came to be on the following pages he stated, "That's what I'm sayin'."

:) First graders were independently working on coloring using AB, AABB, AAB, etc., patterns when one student turned to his friend and shared, "A long time ago, blue used to be for boys." How long is "a long time ago" to a six year old?

:) As I share with students that I did not get my first cell phone until I was thirty-four and my first tablet and social media account until I was forty-five, the audible gasps, wide eyes and Oh, my God's at first were funny but now has been a little bit disconcerting as I realize just how old I am.

And the winner is...

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I will be announcing the 2016 Texas Bluebonnet Book Award Winner on Monday's Announcements.

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