Moon Catasrophe

Moon sends world into chaos


I think that people should read the book Life As We Knew It because it is a good book that really gets you thinking about it. It keeps you on your toes and always wanting to read more about it. Especially when their ration is about to run out and Miranda finds that food supply. I thought she was gone for sure but that guy gave her food and took her back to her house. It also makes you wonder that if this really did happen what would you do? If you had younger siblings would you be willing to risk your life or die for them?

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Summary of plot

The plot of the story starts with Miranda at home telling us that Lisa her stepmother is going to have a baby. This story is told through the eyes of Miranda in a diary form. The story is that she is a teenager talking about her life in a diary that she has. Chapters one and two start off slow but it gets better as the story goes on. In chapter two they get to the part where the asteroid predicted to hit the moon finally hits it. The world goes into a chaos because the moon starts to get closer. The tidal waves start to hit and there are lots of unconfirmed casualties. Matt Miranda's older brother gets home and the president says prepare for worse. The electricity is now unreliable and they go to find a local pizza place to eat at because everywhere else is closed. Mom has money left so she goes to a clothes store and buys almost anything that they can. The school says there are no longer going to be any activities outside of school and the pool is closed. Matt and mom sort the food and peter shows up with a bag of apples, so they invite Mrs. Nesbitt and they have a feast together. They look up names for the list of the dead and they see lots of names of people they had known and met. Megan is not eating the sandwiches she gets at school because she believes that she only needs sustenance from God. Miranda's mom got eggs from Mrs. Nesbitt and she got them from an old student of hers that owns a farm. Miranda has a dream of Becky, a friend of hers that died a while ago, and it was a very weird dream. Miranda gets a flyer on the next to the last day of school. She brings it to her mom but she says no because what if they need those blankets during the Winter but gave them away in July? The beginning of chapter six and Summer. Peter comes from the hospital and tells them that they need to use bug spray any time they go outside because at the hospital they are seeing more and more Mosquito-born illnesses. Mom was mad because she didn't know where Miranda had gone to. Miranda has another dream about food and Becky. They were handing out food and Miranda got Dan and they got some food. Chapter 7 The family is now skipping a meal every day. Matt is chopping down trees but while he's doing that a storm comes. When he gets back in mom is furious with him for staying outside in a storm. They learn that because of the gravitational pull, new volcanoes are coming up and inactive ones are becoming active again. The smoke from volcano eruptions has made the sky gray and they can't see the sun. Horton runs outside and Doesn't come back for a week. Miranda wishes the first astronauts had just blown up the moon when they had the chance. Sammi ( a friend of Miranda's ) is leaving down south with her boyfriend because he thinks things will be better down there. Horton comes home after a week of being lost and acts like nothing happened. Dad brings them lots and lots of things to help them and mom gives Lisa all the baby things she bought. Jonny has a birthday in chapter 9. There are people tearing up houses for wood and Miranda sees them. She goes to the police station but there is no one there. Chapter 11 beginning of fall. Miranda and Jonny decide to do school at home because it isn't safe outside or at the school. Miranda eats the chocolate chips that mom was saving for Matt's birthday and mom gets angry. In chapter 13 mom trips and hurts her ankle so Miranda goes to get Peter. The guards at the hospital won't let Miranda in but when Matt comes he knew one of the guards so he got to go inside to get Peter. Mom tells Miranda to cut her hair. Chapter 14; There is no longer heat for the town. Megan dies and her mother hangs herself soon after. In chapter 15 mom trips and she hurt her ankle again. They are all moving into the sun-room. Chapter 16. Mrs. Nesbitt dies a peaceful death in bed and they take everything worth taking out of the house because that's what she told them to do. Chapter 17. There is a blizzard so they take lots of things outside to get snow. Matt is stuck at the post office because of the blizzard so they take a light out hoping he will see it. Chapter 18 and it's now Winter. They hear caroling outside because it's Christmas Eve so they go out there and carol with them. On Christmas Day they all give each other secret presents that they had been saving for that day. Mr. Mortenson's wife is sick and he asks them for aspirin so they give it to him. In chapter 19 everyone but Miranda gets sick and she goes to the hospital and the ladies there tell her the everyone has been hit with the flu. Peter dies from exhaustion at the hospital so Miranda is on her own. Everyone is getting better because Miranda is nursing them back to health. Chapter 20. Jon is using his dads skis just in case everyone dies he has a chance. They had a little electricity and their are now broadcast signals. chapter 21. Miranda says she is going into town so mom always has hope that she might be alive but Miranda knows she won't make it back without help. She finds a note that says go to town hall and she finds them giving out bags of food. This will allow them to live because they were running out of food. This is my summary of the story.

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