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January News!

Important Dates in January

Monday, January 18- No School, MLK Holiday

Tuesday, January 19- No School for Students

Tuesday, January 26- Report Cards

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Christmas Party Pics!


I am finishing up our second round of MClass testing. One portion of this test shows me the reading level your child is at and will be included on this quarter's report card. I am SO proud of all the hard work the children have put in since the beginning of the year and it reflects in this assessment. As we move forward the second half of the year it is VERY IMPORTANT for the children to know the words on the sight word list that is in their Daily Red Folder. We are currently on week 20.

In reading we will be working on strategies to use when we come to unknown words such as looking at the pictures for clues, looking at the first letter, sounding out the word, looking for parts of the word that you already know, and trying a word to see if it makes sense.

In writing we are finishing up our unit on "Writing for Readers" by working with a partner to strengthen the stories we write. The students will write for a period of time by themselves then read their story to their partner. Their partner can then help them with spelling, give ideas, ask questions (to get them to write more), and give COMPLIMENTS.

The next writing Unit will begin soon. In this next unit the children will learn how to write a "How To" book. We will read a lot of great mentor texts that show the children what a How To book is.

Gingerbread Man PBL- #BuildaBridge


In Math we have been learning about addition. Within the next two weeks we will begin subtraction. For the mini-lesson portion of Math your child may be in a different teacher's classroom. We gave each child a pretest before beginning this unit on addition and subtraction. Based on what they already knew and what they needed to learn, we have placed the children in different groups to give them the exact instruction that they need.


We have been learning about the earth's natural resources. We have learned why they are so important for us to live and ways we can help preserve and care for them by not polluting them. After this short week we will begin a new unit in Science on the properties of objects.

Mrs. Jackson

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