Go on a Quest!

Melanie Mower 6-7 peroid

Anaylsis of the Develement of Theme

  • If Mill Creek pond wasn't so gross, Tony D. wouldn't of gotten stuck! And we all know that would be very bad. That would mean Freak the Mighty getting hurt. Or even worse: killed. That would eliminate some of the exiting quests. It wouldn't change the climax, but it would be boring before that
  • If Freak didn't have a birth defect, there wouldn't be Freak the Mighty! Freak could even be laughing at Max with everyone else. The would be quests or adventures. There would be no friendship either. The whole story would be ruined because of this simple change.

Refection and Application of Theme

I think the theme (If you waist your time, you'll wish you didn't.) fits the story perfectly because Freak and Max didn't sit around and watch T.V. They went on a quest! Instead of playing video games, the went to Iggy and Loretta Lea's house. I loved that they didn't waist time on the computer, the found treasure! Sure they did a little bit, but the didn't pay attention to the electronics all day every day. They went to Freak's hospital as well. I love to do crafts and do stuff like hang out with my friends. Some times I do watch T.V. and stuff, but I don't do it that much. Do you think that the theme I chose matches the story? Well, I think it does.

Visual Representations


Summary of Freak the Mighty

Freak moves into a apartment building close to Max's house. Freak and Max quickly become friends once Max helps him get a mechanical bird out of a tree. Freak loves knights because they could do more then the human body could. They go to the fire works show, where the have a close encounter with The Blade and his gang. The Blade, or Tony D., get made at Max and Freak for some reason, so they chase them into a Mill Creek pond, witch is super gross. They run into there with Freak on Max's shoulder. They go as deep as they can with Tony D. on there tail. Tony Isn't tall enough to go that far, leaving him stuck! The cops shortly show up and help Freak and Max get out of the mud. At that pond, Freak the mighty was born.

After that, they go on quest and they even found a woman ID. But, on Christmas Eve night, Max gets kidnapped! By one, and only, Killer Kane, Max's father. He takes him to a poorly build house and keeps him there for a while. Then a lady name Louretta Lea came to rescue, but Kane almost killers her. the Freak shows up and tricks Killer Kane and saves Max and Louretta. On Freak's birthday, he has a seizure and goes to the hospital. After that, he shortly dies.

Rodman Philbrick

Rodman Philbrick is an author who has written many books. Including this one, Freak the Mighty. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1952. He has live in Maine and Flordia. His wife, Lynn Harett just died three years ago in 2012.He has also written Cyberpunk, Last Book in the Universe, REM World, and many other amazing books. He has worked as an author, boat builder, and a longshore man.