News of Perseverance

Published by Abhitey Pande

Never give up

There are some difficult adversities in your life but some of the people just yield by getting frustrated but there is some time when you achieve your goal by showing perseverance and working hard. In this news paper you are gonna see how these people persevered by working hard and by showing perseverance.

Noah Galloway

Noah use to be a soldier but in a terrorist attack he lost his left side arm and leg. And not he has a robotic leg but unfortunately he lost his hand forever. But later he catalyst to come on television and he became popular because he was dancing and showing perseverance be some outstanding qualities even though he don't have his one arm and by giving outstanding qualities he became the 3rd best television dancer of "America".

Jim Valvano

Jim used to play basketball and when he was retired he had a health test and cancer was detected but he had to do a bunch of things before he die and he knew it that he is going to die but he showed perseverance by opening an organization for people who are suffering from the same condition as he was and he defeated the cancer. He gave a speech and he told everyone "Don't ever give up".

Nick Vujicic

Nick the guy who do not have his arms and legs but he still can do activities like other people can do also this is his perseverance that he can perform everything which we can do.