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February 17, 2015

Where Are We?

Yes, that's the question I'm asking myself, after numerous late openings and snow days! As you know, we have just finished our poetry unit. It was a great success, culminating in our performance of poetry at the Crozet Public Library. We missed those who were unable to make it to the event, but they were given the opportunity to perform their favorite poems before the class. We finished our simple machine unit! An invention project with handouts explaining the work was assigned last week. The original due date was this Wednesday, Feb. 19. If somehow the weather has impacted your ability to help your child with the project, it can be handed in by this Friday. Students will present their projects to the class on Monday. Our next content unit will be Ancient Civilizations, starting with Greece and moving onto the Roman Empire. We are moving directly into a new reading genre, biography. The students will be reading biographies in class. Additionally, each student will select a biography to read from the school library. After reading the book, each student will write a report about the individual and create a 3-D rendering of the subject. Don't worry, the report and renderings will be done in class! Please see "Help Needed!" below for more details. These projects will be on display at Community Night, March 20.


Third Grade is beginning a unit on biographies. As part of our study, each student will read a biography and write a book report in class. To accompany the report, students will construct a 3-D rendering of the subject of their biography. We are in need of supplies! If you can provide any of the following materials, please send them in:

aluminum foil, yarn for hair, fabric scraps, glue guns with glue sticks, craft sticks, doll accessories, 2 liter bottles (soda, juice, etc.), buttons, craft wire.

We are unsure of the date we will be working on the characters, but we will be sending out a request for parent helpers with the glue guns. Thanks for your help!

Mark the Date!

Feb. 18 - Valentines Day party, a bit belated!

Feb. 21 - Talent Show Practice - 2:30

Sock Hop - 6:00-8:00

Feb. 25 - After-school tutoring begins (by invitation, only)

Feb. 28 - Talent Show Practice - 2:30

Mar. 6 - Dome Theater presentation, "Molecularium"

Mar. 7 - Talent Show Practice - 2:30

Mar. 9 - Daylight Savings Time begins! Spring forward! Can spring be far behind?

Mar. 14 - Talent Show Performance - 7:00

Mar. 15 - Girl'd Geek Day 1:00

Mar. 20 - Community Night (Replaces Cultural Literacy Night)

Mar. 27 - End of Third Quarter

Mar. 28 - Teacher Work Day

Mar. 31 - Apr. 4 - Spring Break! YAHOO!