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for Dave Ramsey

Why Dave Ramsey should come to our school.

Living Debt Free

  • consumer debt today is at an all time high so why not educate our students on how to live debt free
  • when in debt stress is a feeling that never leaves. Save us the agony bring Dave to Stafford.
  • America's national debt to day is over 16 trillion dollars! (that's $16,000,000,000,000.00)

Spending Wisely

  • Typically When students see a product that is they think is worth buying they buy it
  • but was it worth buying. well Dave will give you the tools to find out


  • We all know that college is expensive so how do we pay for it?
  • student loans? well according to the chart bellow that doesn't look like a good idea
  • The real way to save for college Dave knows an he will teach you in his speakings.
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Foundations in Personal Finance