Steering Committee

Agenda for Friday, April 4, 2014

Updates from Ashley (20 minutes)

  • Confirm location of VIG (library), Juice Bar and Charging Stations (cafeteria)
  • Review map Jason created
  • Update Mister Fruit Cup Vendor
  • Supplies Ordering Info & Timeline
  • T-Shirt Ordering Process & Complimentary T-Shirts Request
  • website outline & timeline
  • Additional Components for Website

Updates from Jodi (20 minutes)

  • Proposals
  • Quantity
  • Plans
  • Student Showcase & Proposal

Updates from Felicia (18 minutes)

  • Exhibitor's Prospectus Overview
  • Links from Prospectus to
  • ESPD Timeline & what it means for you
  • Manor ISD Website Web Manager

Next Steps (2 minutes)

  • Volunteers
  • Need a detailed list of the menu items, quantity, and price needed for lunch for an upcoming April 15 meeting with Leslie, Dan, & Charles (need to complete list by end of the day on Monday, April 14)
  • Felicia will be out Wednesday, April 9 - April 14; If there is something urgent that you need from me in order to complete a task, please let me know by the end of the day Friday, April 4. I will have to work on it over the week-end
  • Upload Final Prospectus & PDF's to website; Add narrative to that specific tab
  • Ensure links are connected from prospectus to website
  • Need invite procedure for notifying participants of PD development course in June
  • Send agenda items on Thursdays by noon