From Cocoa Trees to Chocolate

By: Maxwell


Have you ever wondered where chocolate comes from? If so, read this to find answers to your question!


It starts out as a little cocoa bean dangling on a cacao tree, which grows in a plantation. Farmers take good care of the crop. It is sprayed with Insecticide. This keeps bugs that try to damage the trees away from the plantation. Once the pods on the trees that contain cocoa beans turn orange, they can be harvested. Once it is harvested, it is dried and put in sacks that will go to the Factory by Truck.


At the Factory the sacks are opened and the cocoa Beans are inspected and approved. All raw materials must be tested to. Then samples of it are analyzed and then it has to be cleaned and blended to create just the right flavor. Then grinding mills liquify the nibs into chocolate licker. The Factory is able to make eating chocolate or cocoa from the chocolate licker! It can also become cocoa powder. It is then processed and a mixture is continuously stirred by giant rollers. Then it can be put in packages and distributed to the Store by truck.


once it is in the Store the packages are opened and are put on sale so people can buy it and have a delicious treat and maybe even make s'mores with there family!

Fun Facts

As you can see chocolate goes through a lot of progress before it is even sent to a Grocery Store/Super Market. But there is still some pretty interesting facts that I think you should know, for instance, chocolate is a complex plant food. And even though chocolate doesn't contain sugar, it still provides energy for your body, and muscles. It also causes 0 cavities. It is even pretty healthy for you!


Now that you have found some answers to your question, you now know where chocolate comes from and how it is made.
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