Kingdom Plantae

Rheaven Hicks, Cheetan Sherpa, Austin Banzon, Jaehyeon Choi

Domain & Type of Cells

  • Eukarya Domain
  • They are made up of eukaryotic cells
  • All of the plants have a cell wall
  • Cell wall is made of cellulose and polysaccharides

Number of Cells

  • Plants can be both unicellular or multicellular.
  • The ones with leaves, stems and roots are multicellular.
  • Algae is and example of a unicellular plant.

Plants Involved in the Kingdom

Food and Facts

Food Resources

Plants are autotrophic organisms. Which means that they make their own food enable to grow and develop. All plants go through photosynthesis enable to make their food. Also, the organism holds water which gives them the nutrients they need.

Interesting Facts

  • Plants are asexual and sexual reproducers
  • Plants cannot move on their own therefore they are in a fixed place
  • Reproduction happens by spore or different kinds of seeds
  • There are 260,00 different types of plant species