Winsor Faculty Newsletter

Late January Update

What's Happening at Winsor?

Assessment Update

We are changing our administration schedule for RICAS this year, purposefully providing extra time between ELA and Math testing. Our test dates are April 2nd and April 3rd for ELA and April 30th and May 1st for Math. This will provide our students with a greater opportunity to both learn new content and have an appropriately paced schedule. We will, for Grades 2-5, begin a Ramp Up, starting on February 4th. The data taken from the recently administered formative assessment is an excellent way to group and instruct students for instruction during the ramp up. As I have discussed with many of our teams, we will use Intervention time to practice our writing skills. Already- many of our teachers have proactively begun this process. It is impressive to see all the hard work being put forth and the demonstrable progress being made by our students. We will continue to navigate the 2018 data together and develop strategies to help all of our students demonstrate continuous growth.

Our Grade 4 cohort has been selected for NAEP this year. Administration of NAEP will take place on Wednesday, February 6th. Please make a note of it.

Please mark your calendars as Grade 5 will be taking the Science assessment on May 8th and May 9th. More details to follow.

Responsive Classroom

Please continue to monitor your implementation of RC best practices. As a reminder, we are looking for:

_____ Use of schoolwide hand signal

_____ Special classroom “quiet” signal as

well as an auditory signal

_____ Energizers/Brain Breaks

_____ Welcoming students at the door


_____ Wait Time

More visitations to early adopting classrooms are available. Please see me to arrange a time and location. We are at the point where those interested in a second or third visit can be accommodated. If you are interested in an extensive training over the summer, please let me know.

School Improvement Plan

As we are midway through this year, our SIT will evaluate progress in our improvement plan, coming Tuesday, February 5th at 3:30pm. Even if you have yet to attend a meeting, we always welcome new participants. Our team will also review Winsor's ranking on the statewide report card and discuss Surveyworks, both last year's data and the changes to this year's questionnaire.

Important Dates

January 30th- School Health/Safety Team Meeting

February 1st- District Spelling Bee

February 1st- Winsor's Got Talent @GMS

February 5th- School Improvement Team

February 7th & 14th- Recess Rocks Team Training