Help Wanted

Individuals Inspired to Lead

Be Blessed as You Serve Others

Our Classical Conversations communities in the Sacramento area are needing a few individuals willing to serve as a Director/Tutor of a Challenge program.


  • Professes a Christian Biblical worldview
  • Homeschools all children through high school
  • All children enrolled in age-appropriate CC programs
  • Willingness to be a humble learner


  • Copious and free training, making you a better teacher for your own children
  • Personal support and mentoring, making you better fit for whatever ministries God may call you to
  • Delight in being an integral part of a small community of learners
  • Financial compensation to offset your own children's participation in CC community

We have a students ready to enroll for a Challenge III class and one or more Challenge B classes. Please contact any Support Manager to learn more:

God has many blessings in store for those who answer His call to service!

Classical Conversations