Asteroids and Meteorites

By: Ben J

What is it?

Asteroids and meteorites are big and rocky or metallic objects in space. Asteroids and meteorites are smaller than planets. Also asteroids must orbit a star. Finally most asteroids are located in the asteroid belt.

Impacts on the Earth

Asteroids and Meteoroids have lots of impacts on Earth. Earth's atmosphere protects us from most asteroids and meteoroids, but not all. The bigger the asteroids and meteoroids the more damage that is done. If they are big enough they can cause extinction. The last time that there was one big enough to cause extinction was about 65 million years ago. Which that is about how long ago the dinosaurs became extinct. Many paleontologists believe thats how all of them died.
How are asteroids, comets and meteors different?

Location and Origins

Most asteroids are found in the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is mainly between Mars and Jupiter. The first asteroid, Ceres, was discovered on January 1, 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi. Ceres was discovered in the asteroid belt like most others. Also the first meteor shower recorded was November 12, 1799.
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