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January 2019

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Bolo Sticks Add Extra Security to NES

School safety and security are top priorities for Norton Elementary School. We regularly practice mandated fire, tornado, and lockdown drills throughout the year. NES administrators work collaboratively with Norton Police to review practices and reflect on strategies.

Bolo Sticks have been added to all NES classrooms (in progress throughout all NCS buildings). It is our belief that Bolo Sticks will provide added security to classroom if a need arises to lockdown a classroom. To view more information on Bolo Sticks, view the video attached to the link below.

Report Cards

January marks the beginning of Quarter 3. It is hard to believe that we are half-way through the 2018-2019 school year. Quarter 2 report cards will be sent home with students on Tuesday, January 8, 2019. Report cards will be held in the office if student fees have yet to be paid. Please contact the office if you did not receive a report card. Please note that 1st graders receive 2 report cards a year (January and May) and 2nd grade report cards show progress toward standards in Q1 and Q2 and begin receiving grades in Q3 and Q4.

Student Growth-MAP Testing

NES utilizes MAP (Measure Academic Progress) testing 3 times a year to assess students growth. Students in grades 1-3 will take the MAP test in reading and math throughout the month of January. Teachers analyze results to drive whole class instruction, prescribe specific remediation strategies for students, and guide enrichment opportunities for students who excel. Your teacher will be providing MAP growth results to families once complete. Please contact your teacher or the office with questions regarding MAP growth results.

3rd Grade Ohio State Reading Test Results

OST family reports will be arriving in late January. NES will be sending reports home with students upon arrival. Students in 3rd grade need to reach a minimum score on the OST (677 overall or 45 on reading score) to be promoted to 4th grade. Students who do not reach the minimum state score can be promoted to 4th grade with a MAP score of 193 or higher. Please contact the office with any questions.

Character Focus-Responsibility

NES will be highlighting 4 character traits during the 2nd semester (Responsible, Respectful, Safety, and Kindness). Our focus will be on Responsibility for January. Classrooms will be highlighting strategies for students use throughout the day to be more responsible. Please follow up at home with ways students can be responsible such as keeping bedroom clean, being prepared for school daily, and viewing grades through Progressbook.

College and Career Readiness Month

Throughout the month of January, classrooms will be making connections to college and career readiness. Our goal is to have classrooms teachers make connections to curriculum topics and perspective careers. For instance, reading skills are important for future learning in all trades, college, and careers or measurement skills are useful in careers of many construction trades. All students will participate in our Career Gallery Walk on February 1 which provides the opportunity for students to explore information about programming offered in high school through the 4-city compact and makes connections to education and future earning potential.

Protect the Pride

Throughout the first semester, we had a large number of students go above an beyond to "Protect the Pride" at NES. Whether it was helping a peer with a classroom task, cleaning up a mess without being asked, offering to assist a teacher, or choosing to do a random act of kindness, our students have been stepping up to the plate. Some of the best "Protect the Pride" moments are when students share stories about other students doing the right thing. Pictured are a few students who were recognized Protecting the Pride during the first semester. Keep up the great work!

NES Spotlight - Brainiac Club

All NES students are eligible to participate in our Brainiac Club which meets daily at 7:30 AM. Our Brainiac Club students work independently on the computer using the program Fast ForWord to enhance memory, concentration, attention, and other early reading skills. NES teachers monitor student results to promote growth in specific areas. Please contact the office if you are interested in more information regarding our Brainiac Club!

January Dates

1/8 Quarter 2 Report Cards Sent Home

1/11 Children's Concert Society (Flute and Guitar duo)

1/14 Board Meeting 7:00 pm at NMS (time changed from 7:30 pm)

1/21 No School - Martin Luther King Day