Early Learning News

December 2015/January 2016

Check out this app!!

Daily Vroom is an app designed for parents of children B-5. It gives parents daily tips and strategies for developmentally appropriate activities they can easily do to enhance brain development. It is a free app, and it is a great tool for parents! Feel free to share on your Facebook sites or in your newsletters. This is an app worth sharing!
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Formative Assessment

Sometimes we tend to utilize similar formative assessment tools. As the new year begins to unfold, it feels refreshing when we have the opportunity to "change it up". Below are 56 different examples of formative assessments. Some may need adapted for early learning, but never underestimate their ability. Always be purposeful in your selection, and continue to have fun teaching and learning.

WCPS Common Language

At our August PD session, we completed an activity that involved utilizing common language. If you were unable to attend or just want a refresher, I have included the document below.
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We Both Read!

If you haven't heard about these texts, they are wonderful for parent engagement. Parents are encouraged to read the left side, and students read the right. There are not a lot of titles for PreK/K, but it would probably be a great opportunity for students to create some for their own families to read together. See what you think!
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Washington County Early Childhood Advisory Council (ECAC)

The Washington County ECAC is another great organization that highlights our early learners. Feel free to visit the web-site, and request to be a part of a weekly e-newsletter. It is full of wonderful information!!!!

Coding in Kindergarten!!

What a great time I had visiting Pangborn Elementary for their Hour of Code! It is amazing what these little ones can do.
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