ED326 Science for Elem Teachers

Final Assignments

Go Animate

Working in groups of 4 Make a Go Animate Video for the big ideas from your assigned chapter.

Use the account information below or go to goanimate.com and sign up for your own account. It is free and something you will most likely want to use with your students.


password : marshill

Make a Go Animate Video for the big ideas from your assigned chapter.

Thursday, April 25th Investigation

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Forces In Motion

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Backyard Thrill Ride


Watch part of this video to get and idea of design ideas for today.

Designing a Zip Line

You are going to behave like engineers. Engineers come up with solutions to real problems in the world. You will be working with models instead of real objects for this design. Instead of creating a life size carrier you will design a prototype that will travel down our zip line model.


Engineers need to know what outcomes are expected from their solutions. Theres are called criteria.

There are two criteria for this problem:

1. The marshmallow person must stay in the carrier

2 The carrier must travel for 4 seconds or longer


Engineers have limitations to the solutions they design. These are called constraints.

For tonight's problem the constraints are the materials you can use.

You can only use:

2 cups

4 Straws

2 sticks

4 Washers



Imagine Possible Solutions/Design Solutions

Step 1

Using the Generting Possible Solutions Form- work independently to come up a possible design for your prototype. Please be sure your designs are drawn accurately and neatly with appropriate labels.

You will have 7 minutes for this activity.

Step 2


Collaborate with your partner. Discuss your designs and come up with a collaborative design for your prototype. Please be sure your designs are drawn accurately and neatly with appropriate labels.

Construct your Prototype to be tested

Test and Revise

Test and Revise your prototype. Record your data for tests on The collecting Data sheets.

Analyze and interpret results

Use the Analyzing and Interpreting Results recording sheet to reflect on your design.

Zip Line Challenge

This is the link for the full lesson plan for tonight's activity if you want to reference it for the future.


Final Project and Exam

Lesson Plan

Choose one objective from one of these two standards:

3.P.1 Understand motion and factors that affect motion

3.P.1.1 Infer changes in speed or direction resulting from forces acting on an object.

3. P.1.2 Compare the relative speeds (faster or slower) of objects that travel the same distance in different amounts of time.

4.P.3 Recognize that energy takes various forms that may be grouped based on their interaction with matter

4.P.3.1 Recognize the basic forms of energy (light,sound,heat,electrical, and magnetic) as the ability to cause motion or create change.

4.P.3.2 Recognize that light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object or travels from one medium to another, and that light can be reflected, refracted and absorbed.

Write a lesson plan for this objective using the 5 E lesson plan. Please add all links to resources that you might use (such as videos, websites etc) at the end of your lesson.

You may type the lesson up or use a Smore for your lesson. You may work in duos, trios or on your own.

Email me the link to the Smore or your lesson plan in a word document on or before May 8th. If you email it earlier I can you feedback if you need to make corrections. If you do it with a group, I only need one turned in (be sure all names are on it)

ED326 Final

I will send you the link to the online final by Mars Hill Email on or before Monday, April 29th. You have until Wednesday, May 8th to complete it for me.

It will be in Google Doc Form so you will just fill in your answers and they will come directly to me. You do not need to send it to me. You will need to complete it in one setting after you start so you may want to read over it and get your answer ready before starting.