Per. 6 - Jones Paradise

Partners: Tanecia R, Kamryn R, Autumn J, Bidusai D

Proposed Use of Ute Indian Reservation Land

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Marker A: Base Camp/Office

The base camp/office location is in a place with not many trees so it is easier for guests to get to and see. The office provides hiking gear, rafts for white water rafting, and any extra necessities that guests would need. Golf Carts take you from the office to rafting, and hiking sites.

Marker B: Hiking

We have two trails for guests to hike. Trail 1 is more for a calming, peaceful walk and isn't very uphill. Trail 2 is more intense and really gives you a great workout! The elevation of trail one is 6,680ft at the peak and trail two is 6090 at the peak.

Marker C: Canoeing/Rafting/Kayaking

The rafting here is a great experience! It's about 4 miles of great fun. You will be dropped off at the top of the river, and once you finish you will be picked up at the end of the trail. You might get a little wet so make sure to dress accordingly!

Marker D: <Your Choice from Board>

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