Amur Leopards Endangered

By: Christyna H.


Amur Leopards are one of the most beautiful cats living on earth. But is the most endangered species there is now. You wouldn't think why they would be endangered, would you? Their fur is so beautiful that just a little but of the fur could be sold for about $500 to $1000 dollars. Some countries need the money and sell it way over the price that means their are less of these beautiful cats still living.

A short video about Amur Leopards

Below is a brief video showing us about the Leopards environment and how they are living
Amur Leopards Pounce into the San Diego Zoo
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Where they can be found?

Amur Leopards are usually found in the Northern part of China the Korean Peninsula and Southern areas of the Russian Far East, but is now found only in a small part of southwest Primorskii Krai in Russia. Because it is adapted to the snowy winters there, it has a thicker, paler coat than leopards found in Africa or India.

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The Pheonix Fund intends to provide anti-poaching protection for the rarest cat on earth--the Amur leopard. There are only 30 of these cats left.


The Amur leopard is the most endangered feline in the world. It is on the brink of extinction. The population of these leopards consists of 30 cats who inhabit the southwest of the Russian Far East. Poaching is the main threat to the survival of the Amur leopard. The Phoenix Fund will support law enforcement in preventing the illegal hunting of the Amur leopard.


We will provide a highly skilled, mobile, law enforcement team with essential equipment and daily allowance for regular anti-poaching patrols to be conducted in the Leopard Land. Our team will help to protect the ecosystem of the forest.

Long-Term Impact

We will substantially reduce poaching of the Amur Leopard through strengthing law enforcement and habitat protection, improving data collection and nature protection legislation, educating the public, and engaging local communities in conservation efforts.