3rd Grade Happenings

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Halloween 2019

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Pumpkin Palooza!


EVERYONE should be practicing their multiplication facts!

Spelling for the week of November 4

from, nothing, lunch, much, Sunday, summer, month, sun, money, does, such, other, under, mother, front, Monday, (Individual Challenge Words)

Spelling for the week of November 11th:

she's, we've, it's, they'd, they'll, I'm, I'd, she'll, I've, I'll, you'd, they've, you'll, you've, we'll, he's

Challenge Words

Vocabulary for the week of November 4th

DEEMED to decide

EAGER very excited and interested

ANXIOUSLY afraid or nervous

DELICATE easily broken or damaged

ROTTING to slowly decay

HOVERED to stay very near or above

SWIFTLY moving quickly

BATTERED worn down, damaged

DEPARTED to leave

VANISHED to disappear quickly

STEEP having a sharp slope

PLUNGED to fall or drop suddenly

FYI-Important Information and Upcoming Events!

Monday, November 11: Veterans Day Program at 10:30

Wednesday, November 27-29: No School, Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 13: Dismissal at 12:00, Staff Development

Friday, December 20: Last day of 2nd Quarter.

December 23-January 3: NO SCHOOL, Winter Break


The next reading log will be due on Monday, November 11.