Rocketeer Newsletter

Rock Creek Elementary - Oct. 3, 2019

Rock Creek is a candidate school for
the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

Rocketeer Rockets

Rock Creek School Hours- Monday thru Friday 8:30-3:00

Please Note: There is no early release this year.

Upcoming Events

10/4 Rocket Run!!!!

10/7 School Picture Day

10/8 CogAt Testing

10/11 No School For Students/Staff Development Day

10/14 District Wide Earthquake Drill

10/16 Rock Creek Students attend Westview Play

10/16 Rock Creek Corner Dine In PTC Fundraiser

10/16- 10/24 Book Fair

10/29 Art Lit Training 7 pm (Art Literacy Portable)

10/30 Art Lit Training 9:00 am (Art Literacy Portable)

10/31 Class Parties

11/1 No School for students- Grading Day

11/7 No School for Rock Creek Students- Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/8 No School for Rock Creek Students

Student Arrival Time- Doors open at 8:15 AM

Students should not arrive before 8:15 am. The doors are locked and there is no supervision for students. Please remind your students not to block the doorway. We ask that students sit on the benches outside the front doors until the door is unlocked. After 8:15 am, students can go to the cafeteria OR proceed to other supervised areas.

Rocket Run Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the Rocket Run! We look forward to a fun and energizing day. Remember to send your student to school with comfortable shoes and clothing! There is a 30% chance of rain in the forecast – the Rocket Run continues rain or shine. (Please note: the office does not have extra clothes for students that may get wet.)

For the safety of our students, we would like for all adults who are going to be at our school on this very busy day to have their background checks completed. Please sign in on the volunteer computer and wear your name tag.

9-9:45, Kindergarten

9:45-10:30, 1st

10:30-11:15, 2nd

12:40-1:25, 3rd

1:25-2:10, 4th

2:10-2:55, 5th

Running Feet

Picture Day is Monday, October 7th

Students need to have their photo order form with them when they get their picture taken. If possible send your completed form with payment/receipt to school on Friday, Oct 4th.

Pre-Order Online

Picture Day is coming to your school!

Rock Creek Elementary
Picture Day is 10/07/2019

Pre-pay online ordering!
Parents have the ability to order pictures using the link above or by visiting and using the school's access key, DCS3P7VA, also found on your picture day envelope before and up to four (4) days after picture day.
After the 4-day grace period expires, a personalized access key will be sent home with picture delivery. A $7 shipping and handling fee will be added to all orders made with a personalized access key and orders ship directly home.

For order accuracy, please return your completed envelope on picture day for all payment types.

Pre-Order Online

Here are some tips to make picture day great!
Simple Clothing
Solid shirts or small patterns, along with sleeves, photograph best. A simple collared shirt is a timeless classic.

Logo and Text

Graphics or wording may not photograph completely and become partially cropped out of your picture.

If you have questions please call our Customer Advocate Department at (800) 826-3535

A Message from the Principal

Can you believe we have already been in school for an entire month?

It is at this time that I want to remind everyone of the importance of excellent attendance. Attending school on time and every day is extremely important for children’s social, emotional and educational development. Children who miss a lot of time at school can suffer in the long term from significant gaps in their learning.

I need your support to ensure that children’s education is not affected. Send children to school every day on time, all day to get the most out of their education.

Did you know that:

·Attendance matters for doing well in school and life starting in Kindergarten

and even in Preschool.

·Early childhood is a great time to start building a habit of good attendance.

Studies show that poor attendance in Kindergarten can predict absenteeism in

later grades.

·By middle and high school, chronic absence is a leading warning sign that a

student will drop out.

·Absences can add up before you know it. Just missing 10% of the time can

equate to 18 or more days of lost instruction . That’s just two days each month!

·It doesn’t matter if these absences are excused or unexcused. They all represent lost time in the classroom and a lost opportunity to learn.

·Attendance matters as early as kindergarten. Studies show many children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade can struggle academically in later years. They often have trouble mastering reading by the end of third grade.

·Foundational reading skills are taught at the Kindergarten levels. Missing out on these early reading lessons due to absences can create gaps in their learning that are harder to fix later.

· Too many absent/late students can affect the whole classroom, creating disruptions and slowing down instruction.

Attendance Facts

Connect with your Parent Teacher Club!

Volunteer opportunities, events and fundraising, oh my! Get the latest news on all your favorite PTC activities by connecting with us.



Text: text @rcptc to 81019

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Rocket Run

Rock Creek's biggest fundraiser of the year is during school hours on October 4th! We have many shifts available such as checking in volunteers, counting laps for individual classes, and set-up/clean-up. Please sign into Better Impact and schedule yourself for a shift or two and help make this year's event a huge success! We can do this Rock Creek! Contact for any questions.

Art Literacy

There are still many classrooms without volunteers to lead this amazing program that unfortunately can't happen without you. Our kiddos need your help so please sign into Better Impact, click on your child's class, and let's make this happen! We promise that you will love helping all our Rock Creek budding artists create their masterpieces!

Art Literacy is a wonderful program that brings art education into the classroom while enhancing overall literacy. Volunteers will lead a project with a featured artist every other month. Time commitment is typically 1-2 hours per project. Please sign up!

Attend a training session on Tuesday, September 24th @ 7PM or Wednesday, September 25th @ 9AM in portable #1. For questions contact Amanda Rust

Classroom Parties

Parent volunteers are essential in order to help plan, purchase supplies and participate in the two room parties that our students will enjoy this school year. Please sign up!

We need volunteers to sign up for our upcoming classroom fall harvest parties! We will have the official times soon, but parties will be on October 31st!

The Room Party Coordinator will work with you regarding the next steps for the Harvest party planning. For questions contact

Recess Runners

Recess Runners is going to start back up again this year soon. Volunteers are needed during lunch recess to help count laps and record them This is a super fun activity that happens twice a week rain or shine! Our little runners love earning a t-shirt once they run 26.2 miles (262 laps of the track)! This program can't run without the help of our awesome volunteers! Time commitment is about 1-2 hours per week. This program is in jeopardy of being cancelled without the help of some volunteers! Days won't be determined until we have volunteers so they can choose days that work for them.

Email Sarah Morriss at if you are interested!

Thank you for volunteering!

Katie & Nancy

Volunteer Coordinators


On Wednesday, October 16th, Rock Creek students will be attending a play at Westview High School (Junie B Jones is not a Crook). Students will be unavailable for pick-up between 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. If a student must be picked up, we ask that you pick them up by 12:30 pm. Please call the office with any questions, 503-356-2450.

A Book Blizzard is Heading Our Way.

The Rock Creek Arctic Adventure Book Fair is starting on the 16th of October and running through the 24th. A book fair flier will be coming home shortly. Look for a new way to buy using eWallet, Scholastic's new digital payment option. You can also choose to shop online starting the 11th of October through the 24th.

Shopping Hours: 10: 50 -1:20 students may come down during lunch recess if they have money with them to purchase items.

3:10 - 4:00 after school except the 24th

Thursday the 17th and Monday the 21st open until 4:30

So come down and chill out with some great books that you can add to your own library.

Connie Hilger

Rock Creek LMA

3rd thru 5th Grade Students-OBOB is starting!

Information about Oregon Battle of the Books should be coming home sometime this week with your child. It is an exciting reading competition to exercise the mind! Completed team forms are due by Halloween. Please email any questions to I am excited for the games to begin!!

School Nurse Info

Health Updates from the School Nurse

Illness: Please remember to keep your child home when ill. Students may not attend school with a fever greater than 100.5 degrees F and must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine before returning to school.

Medication: Medication may be administered to students who require it during the school day. Parents must transport medication to school in the original container and complete a Medication Authorization Form. Please provide emergency medication if prescribed for your student.

Immunizations: All students must be up to date with immunizations before the state exclusion day in February 2019. Students who are not up to date will be excluded from school. Please review your student’s immunization record with your health care provider and provide any needed documentation.

Vision/ Hearing: School wide screenings will be conducted with the assistance of volunteers for students who are able to participate on the dates scheduled. Vision screening will include grades K-5. Hearing will include grades K-2. Parents will only be notified of failed results. Please contact the office if you prefer your child does not participate in a screening.

Head Lice: A student with suspected head lice will be referred to school staff for confidential individual screening. If nits or live lice are present, the parent will be contacted and provided with educational information. Students are no longer excluded from school for head lice. I encourage you to check your student regularly for head lice and notify the office if you have a concern or would like additional information.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any health related question or concern. You can reach me by email at

Sydney Garl, RN, BSN

District School Nurse

Calling all 5th Grade Parents

It is time so start planning for 5th grade send off. We will be having a meeting on Wednesday October 9th at 7pm. Please email Jenny Sawyer at for the meeting location. If you cannot attend but would like to help just let us know.

Rock Creek Apparel Information

TAG Testing Information

CogAT -

In October, all 3rd and 5th grade students in Beaverton will be administered the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Screener. This 30-minute test measures students’ learned reasoning abilities through verbal/picture analogies, number analogies and figure matrices.

Currently the main purpose for administering the CogAT is to identify students for TAG in the area of intellectual ability. Students who score at the 97th percentile or above on the CogAT screener will be invited to test with the full version of the CogAT that is used for potential TAG identification. The full version of the CogAT will be given in November. For more information about testing, your school’s TAG facilitator. When test results are returned, we will be sending you a copy with additional information about our TAG program.

Rock Creek students will be tested on Tuesday, October 8th.

TAG Testing -

Every year students are considered for Talented and Gifted services in Beaverton School District. These services are provided by your child's classroom teacher(s). If you think your child might qualify, you may wish to complete the Parent Information Form that is attached. Completing this form gives our school TAG committee more information about your child, but it is not required. All qualified students will be considered regardless of its completion.

Oregon law and District policy define gifted students as those who score at or above the 97th percentile on a standardized, nationally normed test of mental ability and/or academic achievement. Behavioral, learning, and/or performance information is also considered before a student is identified for TAG services.

The Parent Information Form must be completed and returned to our school’s TAG facilitator, classroom teacher or the school’s office by Friday, October 18th.

Nutrition Meal Benefits- Apply for Free & Reduced Meal Benefits Before Oct 15th

October 15th, 2019 is the last day students will receive free meals from last year’s benefits.
Every family must re-apply for Meal Benefits every school year. If you’ve already received a letter that says your students are Approved for Benefits, you do not need to do anything further.
Go to to apply today! Or pick up a paper application at any school and turn it in quickly.
As a parent or guardian, you are responsible to pay for all meals received at school. If your application is not processed before October 15th, your students will go into “Paid” status and you will be responsible to pay for all meals they receive at school.
Avoid a gap in your student’s benefits – apply today!
Applying is confidential and easy. If you need help, please call Meal Benefits at (503)356-3957.
Questions? Call Laurie Bishop
Meal Benefits Specialist

Nutrition Services information is easier to access this year, and we have lots of cool information to share!

Click on the link below to go to SchoolCafe, and see all the things that you can do:

All you need is your student’s ID number. If you don’t have that, you can call your school office

or the Meal Benefits line (503-356-3957). Here are some of your options in SchoolCafe:

  1. Create an account
  2. Apply for Meal Benefits- Must renew each year before Oct 15th!! Renew now!!
  3. View and print Meal Benefits letters
  4. See what items your student is getting in the cafeteria.
  5. Check your student’s account balance.
  6. View cafeteria menus
  7. Set up low balance alerts
  8. Set up auto-pay (when balance gets to an amount that YOU set, the account is replenished from your credit card)

SchoolCafe can provide amazing amounts of information!

If you do not have access to a computer, you can also apply for Meal Benefits on paper. Applications are available in every school office and cafeteria.

If you have questions or need help, please call Laurie Bishop at Meal Benefits, (503)356-3957 or email us at

PYP Corner

What is the status of IB PYP schools in Beaverton School District?

Great news! We are excited to be kicking off our 2019 - 2020 year as a PYP Candidate School. The PYP schools are all continuing their work with IB and we plan to have our verification visit at Rock Creek in the fall of 2020.

What does that mean for my child?

Your child will experience the full Programme of Inquiry (POI) this year. Our Programme of Inquiry are units designed by teachers through collaboration that include all of the elements of the PYP. In grades 1 through 5 students will experience six units, and Kindergarten will experience four play based units. During each 4 - 6 week unit students will be immersed in learning engagements that encourage them to take on both local and global perspectives.

What unit is your child focused on?

Kindergarten- Who we are: Rules and responsibilities help us work together

First Grade- Who we are: Actions affect relationship

Second Grade- Who we are: People may agree to work together in order to create a peaceful and productive community

Third Grade- How we organize ourselves: Citizens collaborate to organize themselves

Fourth Grade- Who we are: Individual identity and well being impact the community

Fifth Grade- Who we are: Our need to share our feelings and ideas drives us to find effective ways to communicate

BEF Phone-a-thon

The 21st Beaverton Education Foundation Phone-a-thon takes place October 9-17, 2019. This annual dialing tradition provides critical funds that support innovative educational programs for students in the Beaverton community. During the five-fun-filled nights, more than 350 student volunteers make over 30,000 phone calls, dedicating their time, energy and enthusiasm to supporting BEF programs.

Last year, BEF served over 27,000 Beaverton students in grades K-12, funding 124 academic programs or projects. Through this funding from our supporters and community engagement, $390,603 was invested back into our schools.

This year our goal is to fund 130 projects impacting 30,000 students. Together, we will make it happen.

The Phone campaign and the associated mailings are the Foundations largest fundraising activity of the year. Funds raised are reinvested in a wide variety of after and summer school programs for students at all of Beaverton public schools. Please Answer the Call for our students!

El vigésimo Anual de la Fundación para la Educación de Beaverton, Phone-a-thon, llegará pronto, del 9 al 17 de octubre de 2019. Esta tradición de marcado anual proporciona fondos críticos que apoyan programas educativos innovadores para estudiantes en la comunidad de Beaverton. Durante las cinco noches llenas de diversión, más de 350 estudiantes voluntarios hacen más de 30,000 llamadas telefónicas, dedicando su tiempo, energía y entusiasmo a apoyar los programas BEF.

El año pasado, BEF financió 124 proyectos académicos, sirviendo a más de 27,000 estudiantes de Beaverton en los grados K-12. A través de estos fondos de nuestros partidarios y el compromiso de la comunidad, se invirtieron $ 390,603 en nuestras escuelas. Este año, nuestro objetivo es financiar 130 proyectos que impactan a 30,000 estudiantes.

La campaña telefónica y las reuniones asociadas son las actividades de recaudación de fondos más grandes del año. Los fondos recaudados se reinvierten en una amplia variedad de programas de después y verano para estudiantes en todas las escuelas públicas de Beaverton. Por favor, conteste la llamada para nuestros niños!

Join us Wednesday, October 16 (4– 9pm) at Rock Creek Corner to earn money for your PTC.

Rock Creek Corner will donate 25% of food and non-alcoholic beverage sales to the Rock Creek PTC. Gift card purchases are included (buying gift cards now adds to our money raised and makes great gifts for the holidays)!

Dine-In Only. No To-Go Orders.

It’s Pizza Time Rock Creek!

Join us at MOD Pizza in Tanasbourne (2540 NW 188th Ave., Ste. C, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124) on Wednesday, November 13 from 10:30am to 10pm and 20% of your in-store orders will be donated to the Rock Creek PTC! Please mention that you are Dining Out for Rock Creek PTC when paying. Sorry, but NO gift card, phone, or online orders included.

RSVP here -

Learning Options Application Process 2020-2021

The Beaverton School District is nationally recognized for high student achievement and innovative programs. Beaverton students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to investigate learning options that best fit their academic needs. Students can choose their neighborhood school, or apply for one of a number of Learning Option Programs. Transportation is provided.

Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be available starting Monday, October 14, 2019. Please do some early investigation of the Learning Options Programs online and plan to attend one or more of the open houses that are available. Students may only select one option on their application.

All applicants must reside within the Beaverton School District boundaries. Beginning October 14, current Beaverton School District students are able to apply online using their BSD student ID. Resident students not currently attending a Beaverton school will need to complete a paper application available online, or at any school office beginning October 14, 2019. Applicants who do not have Internet access may also complete a paper application available at any school office. Please give careful consideration to your choice of school. Once an application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed.

Applications must be received no later than Friday, December 6, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (PST).


Information Line: 503.356.4440 • FAX: 503.356.4415

Mon., October 14, 2019 ------- Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available.

Fri., December 6, 2019 ------- Applications due no later than 4:00 p.m. PST.

Wed., December 11, 2019 ------- Electronic Lottery conducted for the 2020-21 School Year.

  • Acceptance or wait pool notifications will be sent via email.

  • Students who are not selected via the lottery will be emailed a Second Consideration application for the school for which they applied where applicable.

Thurs., January 9, 2020 ------- Second Consideration applications due to schools.

Wed., January 29, 2020 ------- Deadline to accept/decline enrollment – by 4:00 p.m. PST

For online links to academic and extra-curricular activities offered in the community, please use this link:

Rock Creek School Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

No Early Release this year

4125 NW 185th Ave

Portland OR 97229

Main Office-503-356-2450


Fax- 503-356-2455

Principal: Tiffany Wiencken

Keep Rock Creek safe: report any student safety threats to SafeOregon. Tips can be reported by phone or text (844-427-3367), email (, or online ( For more information, visit

The District prohibits discrimination and harassment based on any basis protected by law, including but not limited to, an individual's actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national or ethnic origin, marital status, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, familial status, economic status, veteran status, or because of a perceived or actual association with any other persons within these protected classes.