Tech resources from NCTIES & FETC

January and March 2014

Obvious to you. Amazing to others. - by Derek Sivers

Online resources - planning

Blendspace - great way to plan online and have all your media in one place

Google Docs - great way to share and collaborate with colleagues

Padlet - online "corkboard"

Weebly - free website creator (easy class website)

Livebinders - great for keeping online resources in one place; grade level/subject resources

PBSLearningMedia - PBS content that can be searched by content or grade level and saved

TubeChop - can "chop" up YouTube videos and get a link for the part you "chopped"

LearnZillion - resources (reading) that are aligned to Common Core

PowToon - create video tutorials or presentations in a fun way (example video)

CiteBite - utilize chunks of information by pasting them on this site and getting a link for just that information

Online resources - Digital Storytelling

Thinglink - makes images interactive - makes eBooks and offers print versions as well; great for class books

Haiku Deck - available on both the web and iPad; presentation tool

Tumblebooks - students can listen to stories online

Instagrok - great way to make online topic maps (good for researching or as KWL)

Amazon Story Builder - online storyboard for putting together stories/movies/etc.

Meograph - digital storytelling site

Maptales - map out stories that students are reading to get better understanding

Google Story Builder - Allows you to create stories, add music in a Google Doc Format.

iPad apps - many are useful for Digital Storytelling

Drawp for Schools *

Doodle buddy


Comic Creator

Comics head lite

Sock puppets


Write about this

Science 360 *

iStop motion

iRig Recorder free

Photopad by Zagg

*-indicates it is also available on the web

iPad apps - Augmented Reality

Anatomy 4D

Elements 4D

Aurasma - Create Life from your Images

Pixel Press* - turn drawings into video games

Layar - allows students to interact with print

colAR - make printed coloring pages come to life

AR Flashcards - make Virtual Alphabet cards come to life

*-indicates it is also available on the web

Educational Programming for Students - Web and Apps

Daisy the Dinosaur
Scratch - Web-based programming language with blocks for students ages 8 and up.
Alice - Programming language with blocks for Middle School Students - download component for computer.
Tynker - Web-based programming with blocks and animations for students grades 1 - 8
Lightbot - Move your bot using arrow commands to the light source. Programming for grades 3-5

Other online resources

Kidblog - class blog that students and parents can access

BoomWriter - online writing community

BrainRush - great way for students to study online

GeoGuessr - gives students clues to guessing a location on Earth (great when learning about geography)

MobyMax - students can get extra practice on skills; adapts to their levels; track progress

NoRedInk - helps students learn grammar skills