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Module 4: The Periodic Table

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The resources in this newsletter are in addition to those found in MODULE 2 of your course content. You should first go through the content and complete the quizzes and activities. These resources are to supplement your understanding of the concepts. Please contact me if you have questions! In chemistry, it is essential that you understand these concepts before moving on.


Language of Elements Discussion - Alternate Assignment

  • Alternate Assignment: Four elements were added to the periodic table this year to complete the 7th period! View the short video below to learn more about them. The elements were recently named, and you can scroll down to see "Meet the New Elements" infographic to learn the. However, watch the video (created before they were named) and reply to his final question in the Language of Elements discussion forum. Also, if the IUPAC were to name an element after YOU, what would it be called and what are its properties? Be creative!
  • Be sure to reply to 2 classmates. Your reply should add to the discussion and not be an "I agree" or "Good job" statement.
  • Your post is 70% (max) of your grade and each reply is 15%.
The Four "New" Elements & How We Got Them–Speaking of Chemistry

Element Cartoon

Here are some alternatives to making your own comic:
  • PowToon - create an animated presentation about the element of your choice
  • WittyComics- easy way to create a comic strip; you may have to take a screen shot to submit
  • PicktoChart - create an infographic on your element using its chemical and physical properties
  • Scholastic Grapix - great site for creating a comic
Regardless of your choice, be sure to include lots of info on your element and be creative!

Lab: Graphical Comparison of PT Trends

  • You do not have to write a formal lab report for this lab! You need the graph and answers to the questions in one document.
  • Click here for a video that I created showing you how to create the graphs in Excel. Remember, as a GAVS student you can download the most current version of Excel (and Office) onto your computer (PC and Mac).
  • UPDATE: If you want both sets of data on one graph, highlight all three columns instead of two.

Review Quizzes

Review quizzes are not mandatory, however, they do help you prepare for the unit test. You can take them as many times as you want! Use them to help you prepare for your tests


If you're having trouble understanding the content in this module, check out these links!
The genius of Mendeleev's periodic table - Lou Serico
Solving the puzzle of the periodic table - Eric Rosado
The Periodic Table: Crash Course Chemistry #4

A Tour of the Periodic Table

A Tour of the Periodic Table

Trends of the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table: Atomic Radius, Ionization Energy, and Electronegativity

How to Identify the Charge of an Ion

How to Identify the Charge of an Ion : Chemistry Lessons


There are TONS of Compound Interest's Chemistry Infographics for elements and the periodic table. Here are just a few!




The NEW Periodic Table Song (Updated)

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