NASA Plant

Natalie Barker

Rainy Delight (Frigoris Jucundo)

found on Kepler-22b (an earth-like planet approximately 600 light years from Earth)
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This plant is commonly found in a wet environment, most likely in a rain forest. This plant prefers warm temperatures and high altitude. It can handle cooler temperature as long as it does not get too cold or freezing. This pant is used to a lot of humidity. This plant struggles and competes to find sunlight in it’s environment.


1. hollow stem with special air holes so that oxygen can transfer to the roots

2. dry tips on leaves to help with heavy rainfall

3. sturdy roots to hold plant in soil

4. beautiful flowers to help attract the profusion of insects

5. has a stretchy leaf to reach the sunlight

6. slick material all around to keep rain off

Reproduction and Dispersal

This plant reproduces sexually. It has a stamen (male part) which contains pollen and carpels(female part) which contain eggs and are transferred to each other through pollination. This flower’s seeds are commonly dispersed though animals and insects.

Similar Plant

Amazon passion flower:

found in rainforest

reproduces sexually

beautiful petals attract pollinators