Henking School

October 16, 2020

Important Dates

Friday, October 16

Parent Teacher Conferences - No School

Monday, October 19

School Board Meeting - 7:30 p.m.

Friday, November 30

Registration Deadline for Trimester 2 Hybrid/GOAL Selection

Monday, November 2

Institute Day - No School

Tuesday, November 3

State Holiday (Election Day) - No School

Principal Halloween Message

This year we will still take part in celebrating Halloween however due current health guidelines there will be many changes to our "typical" celebrations.

Students will be allowed to come to school in costumes on Friday, October 30. Students in Kindergarten who follow a Monday/Thursday hybrid schedule can come to school in costumes on Thursday, October 29.

Please keep our original guidelines as you plan for Halloween.

As you and your children prepare for Halloween, please keep in mind our guidelines:

  • Please do not let your child bring any type of weapon, fantasy or look-alike. This includes plastic swords, fake guns, or anything that could be perceived as a weapon.

  • Costumes that are violent or bloody are not allowed.

  • Masks(that are part of a costume or that cover the entire face) are not allowed at school.

  • For safety reasons, please be sure that your child can see and walk around easily in his/her costume.

  • If you have any doubts about the appropriateness of any portion of your child’s costume, please contact your teacher or the main office and we will be glad to advise you.

In addition to our original guidelines, here are a few additional notes about our celebrations this year.

  • All students must wear a mask(face covering) and a mask that is part of a costume does not take the place of a mask(face covering) used each day.

  • Unfortunately, there will not be a parent parade this year

  • Classroom activities will be modified. There will be no food allowed and all activities will be teacher directed. We will not need PTA volunteers this year.

We are committed to keeping our students safe and healthy and while I know these changes are different, I am confident that our staff will make Halloween celebrations memorable for our students!

Self Assessment is REQUIRED!!!

Self assessment is REQUIRED everyday when your child is in school. It is an important tool in keeping our schools healthy. Please take an extra few minutes to enter your child’s self assessment before you leave your home. If it is entered after they have arrived at school, we have already pulled them aside with any other child that when scanned shows they haven’t entered their self assessment. They are then assessed again. This takes time that your child could be spending with their teacher in the classroom.

If you need assistance with setting up a PowerSchool account, resetting your password, or need a thermometer, please reach out to our office staff.

Feel free to sign up for a Kinsa thermometer even if you already have a thermometer at home. This guarantees you have a backup on those busy mornings when the battery may die on your usual thermometer. Please see the flyer below.

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PTA Membership Is OPEN

Below is the link to register to become a member of the PTA. A quarter of the cost of an individual membership goes to the National and State PTA as they are our parent organization. Their leadership at this time has been invaluable. All membership purchases and donations can be made at the link below. **We do ask that all room parents/PTA volunteers become PTA members! Thank you so much for your participation!


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Perfect timing as the kids and teachers go back to in person/hybrid.

Get one (or more!) for your kids, your teachers or for yourself!

Please fill out the information in the google doc below to purchase.

HE/HO Facemasks!

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