Young Europe - Rethinking Democracy

Youth Democracy Project in Germany from 27/09 to 1/10

25 years „Fall of the Iron Curtain in Europe“

Young people from all over Europe create a vision for the future of democracy!

A train journey from Berlin via Vienna to Prague and back!


What would young people take on the streets? What needs to be changed to increase participation and involvement? Which role do young people wish to take in the process of designing the democratic life in Europe?

The 112 young people of all EU member states will board the train with the 28 group leader, 28 experts and the organisational team. On board, two group leaders or experts from different countries, together with experts in creative fields, such as stop motion film or radio, will conduct one of the approximately 14 creative workshops.

The workshops will deal with the project’s objectives via creative methods. The respective creative medium (e.g. radio, video) is only vehicle to convey the message and not the message itself. Thus, the creative methods are intended to support the content-related work. The group leaders of each country will lead the workshops in cooperation with the experts and an artist content-wise in pairs.

Aims of project

- Developing European consciousness

- Shaping a democracy understanding through directed involvement engagement in democracy during workshops

- Creating an atmosphere of constructive debate

- Strengthening political consciousness, developing solutions and acquainting with political processes

- Increasing tolerance through joint involvement of young people with different cultural backgrounds


Preparatory Meeting: 8th - 10th August 2014 in Berlin

Activity: train journey 27th September - 1st October 2014 Berlin – Vienna – Prague – Berlin

Follow-up (declaration / conference): 3rd – 6th November 2014 in Magdeburg and Berlin



Food and accommodation will be covered 100%. Travel for the youth event will be covered 100% if the costs are below 300€.


Cazalla Intercultural is looking for 4 young people (aged 18-30) + 1 group leader + 1 expert (e.i. temporal witness of the events around the Fall of the Iron Curtain, politician, historian etc. of any age).


For more information about the project contact Maja at


To apply for this project fill in the application form (click on the green form below) until 27th July (Sunday).