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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of March 21, 2016

Reading Collaboration Week

Upcoming Events in March

Mar 22- Tallwood School Improvement Meeting with School Leadership 8:30 am

Mar 22- First grade gifted testing

Mar 23- Ten Marks Math Learning Walks in the afternoon (visitors will be from other school divisions)

Mar 24- Tidewater PTA Dinner

Mar 28- Begin Spring Break

A BIG Thanks To...

Thank you to Corie Olenych, Heather Wren and Geri Patti for helping me with a google slide lesson for 3rd-5th grade! Tammy Schubart

I’d like to thank and give Kudos to everyone at Tallwood who made me feel so appreciated during School Social Work week! Thank you all for being so kind and welcoming to me this school year! I appreciate you all! Molly Swan

I would like to thank Mr. French for the new microwave in the teachers lounge. Michelle Klepk

I would like to thank everyone who participated in and helped promote our first annual PIE DAY. Mr. French and all of the other PIE recipients Lindley Fox, Kathleen Mendoza, and Donna Brennan as well as all of our SCA officers were troopers. The event was a huge success. The SCA raised over $100.00 for the learning commons. SCA Advisors

Rachel Timmons and Michael Wesley- making work fun. Terrie Meyer and Elizabeth- saving me for a bathroom break. Elizabeth collaborating with 1st for pirate day! Susanne rossero- rocking it in the cafet! Donna Brennan helping me set up Osmo! First grade- working together to support our reading groups. Karen helping me! Amanda Everton

Thanks to the anonymous friend who placed two gems of kindness for me to find right when I got to work. What an amazing way to start my day. Whoever you are, know you make a difference.Thanks so much to Sharon Bulger for taking the time to find the perfect books for me. Keisha O'Neal

Kudos to Lauren Knoblauch for helping my student with Storybird and Storyjumper. He says Storyjumper is much better!! MMBrown

This Week's PINS

A 1st Grader's Act of Kindness Just Restored Our Faith in Humanity

Happy Birthday!

20 Laraine Larose

20 Vickie Storm

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