Arctic Light Elementary Newsletter

November 19th, 2018

Upcoming Events

November 22-23 Thanksgiving Break

December 5 Family Game Night 5:30-7pm

December 6 PTA Meeting 3:30-4:30pm

End of Semester Early-Outs December 19,20,21

Winter Break December 22-January 7

Second Semester Begins January 8, 2019

Principal Keener's Message...

Being Thankful is a Valuable Skill

For some of us, being grateful for one’s possessions and one’s lot in life is as natural as breathing. There seems to be a soft, easy way of living for these people. It’s not being humble but that is close. It’s not being kind or giving, even though these are just as important. Again, for some of us being thankful for one’s life comes easy. For the rest of us it is a skill we have to hone.

Did your grandmother teach you this? “Be grateful for what you got! When I was a child we did without ALL the time.” I heard stories about picking up coal from the railroad tracks and scoldings for letting the turkeys run lose. I didn’t understand till I tried to corral a turkey and had to run for my life. Did I ever understand her stories? Do I need to?

I’ve learned that being thankful calms my needy soul. In a world of multiple wants, feeling fulfilled for free is a gift. Even so, it is work to remember I’m the giver of such a gift.

Are our children grateful? Were they lucky and born that way or have they worked hard and gained the ability to be thankful? What are your stories about life and being thankful?

During the month of November, our students have sent me countless “Thankful” messages for the morning announcements. From family pets to friends, from parents to J.K. Rowling, our students are filled with much gratitude. Don’t take my word for it, ask them.

We all have much for which to be Thankful.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

November is time to Reflect

This November

students are encouraged to share statements about what makes them thankful.

We will collect these in the office and read them over the announcements.

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- You have 2 days to call in and excuse absences for your students to the front office.

- Please make sure you bring in your ID when picking up your child or signing a student out.

-Winter weather is here. Please make sure your children have all their required snow gear.

- At the end of the day, Families with a "K Pass" can drive behind the school and park on the inside lane. As it gets colder these spots become more important. See directions below.

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Did you know? Alaska fun facts from our Enrollment Secretary Mrs. Sawyer!

Alaska is full of fun facts!

Did you know you Alaska is the only state name you can type on one row of a key board? I know! Why didn’t I ever realize this?

Did you know there are more than three thousand rivers and three million lakes in Alaska? The largest lake is named Lake Iliamna and is roughly the size of Connecticut. That’s a lot of inland water!

Also Alaska is the only state to have coastlines on three different seas: the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Bering Sea.

Did you know the state sport is dog mushing? It was once the primary mode for transportation in most of Alaska. Can you imagine getting to school by dog sled every day? I hope you enjoyed a few fun facts about Alaska. Now go explore!