W.I.C.K.E.D Progress Report.

James Dashner, Delacorte Press in 2009, 374 pgs

Character Description

The main character of the The Maze Runner is Thomas. He is about 16 years old and just arrived in the Glade. The Glade is the place he and the others call home. He wakes up in The Box ( a metal box) and from there he becomes frightened. He also cannot remember anything except his name. They always leave the name. And as the story progresses he becomes more brave and becomes an unexpected hero in what they call the Maze. There are many other characters, but a few really stood out were Newt, Minho, Alby, and Teresa. Newt was 16 years old and had a British accent. He was very friendly towards Thomas. As the story goes on it becomes apparent he has bad limp. He doesn't want to talk about it. Towards the end of the story he takes control of the Glade due to events that occurred. Now we move on to Minho. He is a 17 year old Asian boy who I would describe as a strong, aggressive but loyal and is a very strong asset to the Glade. As the story progresses Minho becomes closer to Thomas and they become close friends. Alby is also a 17 years of age who was formerly he leader of the Glade. He is a dark skinned boy with short cropped hair. He introduces Thomas to the Glade. He is seen by the Gladers as a very serious leader. Often has a scowl on his face. Lastly, Teresa is 17 year old girl who is described as very beautiful and looks younger than she is. Her and Thomas form a bond quickly when she arrived to the Glade. It was like they had a telepathic connection.

Day 1, for the "Greenie" or whatever they say.

Gally is beginning stage one of his memory regaining, and that's exactly what we wanted. Here is the status on our most.... potential candidates. Alby: gave Thomas tour. Newt: Assisting Alby. Chuck: Alive. Thomas: Where we want him.


The main conflict is that Thomas gets sent to the Glade which is surrounded by a Maze. And the thing is, they all want to escape, but they don't know what they are escaping too because their memories got wiped by W.I.C.K.E.D. And Thomas must help by figuring out why they were sent their, where are they, and how to escape the terror that is the Maze.

It's beginning.... Now!

The doors are off. The "Sun" is gone. The boys are losing hope.

Each boy taken one by one. Night by Night.... It's been a couple days since last update...... Th....ey ..... Ar..e... He....re send someone....... Chuck is...... dead....... Gally is.. alive.... Thomas is........

Book Review

I thought it was a very good book. The characters were well developed, and you could really feel the mood that was in the Glade and personally loved that. But one complaint I have is there were so many filler characters that got no attention. Instead of the occasional. "I feel bad. I didn't really know many of those boys who died." But it was an all around really great book and I recommend it to anyone who likes action and drama.