What's your type?

By: Tory Watson


Common Traits of ISTPs

  • good listeners
  • able to stay calm in crisis situations
  • independent and determined

Description of ISTPs

  1. ISTPs like hands-on activities when learning new things.
  2. People with an ISTP personality are most likely happy a lot of the time and are very energetic.
  3. ISTPs are excellent at making friends, but being an ISTPs true friend is the hard part.

Does the Personality Describe me?

This personality type does describe me because i have many of these strengths and weaknesses. Some strengths is that ISTPs are optimistic and energetic, which i am very energetic. ISTPs are spontaneous, and great in crisis situations. Some weaknesses of an ISTP is that they are stubborn, (I am very stubborn), ISTPs are also easily bored.